Exhibitors To Watch For at ICFF 2017 This Weekend

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Exhibitors To Watch For at ICFF 2017 This Weekend

Icff 2017 starts this weekend with more than 800 design exhibitions! Here’s what you can’t definitely miss at the event.

Any design professional needs to know about ICFF 2017 aka the largest tradeshow in the United States for the high end luxury market.

Taking place at Javits Center in New York city this upcoming weekend from May 21st to 24th, ICFF invited more than 800 exhibitors from all around the world to display the best of contemporary furniture, seating, lighting, flooring, textiles and several other product categories. It’s a lifetime opportunity to meet the world’s greatest brands and get in touch with their latest furniture collections.

The Fair will be abuzz, hosting more than 35,000 interior designers, architects, retailers and distributors, networking and leading business trades under one roof.

This year’s edition has a remarkable set of exhibitors, creating an uparralleled opportunity to view a broad of highly focused selection of the world’s finest, most innovative luxury furniture designs side-by-side.

Since we don’t want you to loose the best of what ICFF 2017 has to offer to day we bring you a list of the top exhibitors at the event. Take a look below.

Essential Home

Booth: 956

Exhibitors To Watch For at ICFF 2017 This Weekend - Essential Home

Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian retro design. Its mid-century modern lines merge from important historical references from the ‘30s and 60’s.
The brand deals with different, intimate and cosy ambiances that express elegance and luxury. Conveyed by the use of high quality materials, Essential Home furniture have a mid-century modern signature that makes it irresistible to us all.

Covet House

Booth: 1708

Exhibitors To Watch For at ICFF 2017 This Weekend - Covet House

Covet house offers a curated selection of design pieces from 8 Portuguese luxury brands, with distinct materials and tools, specialized marketing and recognition. Bespoke services are provided by a team of highly trained designers spread in more than X countries. An authentic celebration of luxury furniture you won’t want to miss.



Booth: 629

Exhibitors To Watch For at ICFF 2017 This Weekend - Bensen

Bensen is a design and manufacturing group founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen. Along with his staff, Bendtsen designs and oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings. Their philosophy balances simplicity and honesty so that the designs may continue to grow in today’s ever changing world.


Ben and Aja Blanc

Booth: 341

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Exhibitors To Watch For at ICFF 2017 This Weekend - Ben and Aja Blanc

Based in Providence, Ben and Aja Blanc creates objects using the finest materials, produced in collaboration with distinguished artisans and makers. Rooted in the tension between formalism and narrative, the studio is committed to forms that are consonant with a wide range of styles and project goals.


CVL Luminaires

Booth: 2333

Both of their time and timeless, CVL’s chandeliers, wall lights, flush lights, lamps, floor lights and spotlights seem to span the eras. Maintaining control of the entire process from design to production gives CVL Luminaires a unique identity.


Galanter & Jones

Booth: 746

Galanter & Jones is a design + fabrication studio run by brother/sister duo Aaron and Miranda Jones. Founded in 2012, they debuted with a line of heated outdoor seating, the first of its kind. Smooth and a warm like a rock set out in the sun, their pieces are comfortable, durable and beautiful.

Egli Design

Booth: 2215

Egli Design, which was founded by Egle Mieliauskiene, is a brand that pays tribute to the persistent fashion and brings modern art culture with the heritage of classical tradition in handmade artistic contemporary furniture manufacturing.



Fritz Hansen

Booth: 733

Republic of Fritz Hansen is an exclusive, international design brand whose timeless collection unites world-famous classic and contemporary furniture, lightning and accessories. Founded in Denmark in 1872, the company has a long history of collaborating with leading international designers to bring their visionary concepts to life – and to the spaces they help transform.


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