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Exquisite Living Room Interior Design: Today´s Insplosion inspirational post is about an outstanding living room project! This stunning artwork design features an incredible color mix. The predominance of neutral colors isn’t a contrast to the blue details in the decor! The marble central table has an incredible connection with the neutral color of the rug! And what can we say about the amazing dark blue details of the wall decor?


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design

Exquisite Living Room


To make a living room design look stylish, incorporate the right mix of patterns and textures. If you want to prevent visual clutter, neutrals are usually an interesting color choice.


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Jacobson Side Table

The stylish Jacobsen side table piece combines one of the most timeless color combinations in the world of interior design. This mid-century modern object is handcrafted from the finest high-quality marble materials available in today’s luxury sector, with a clean geometric design approach.

Essex Armchair

Essential Home 

Luxury Brands

Essex Armchair is inspired by metamorphosis, the process of changing from caterpillar to butterfly. This velvet-upholstered barrel chair has an aged brass matte base that provides character. It will give any living room set a sophisticated elegance that only velvet chairs can provide.

Navarra Shara Noir Center Table 

Boca do Lobo

The Navarra modern center table combines the essence of Spanish warmth and superb craftsmanship. The rich color background, punctuated by thick and thin veins alike, draws the eye to the top of this table, which is framed in brass. The Navarra coffee table, inspired by its nation, adds an attractive touch to your home design.

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