Extraordinary Dining Room 

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Extraordinary Dining Room: This sumptuous living room is proof of the importance that details can have in every room! In this project, the rug’s color matches the wall color and style. Another stunning piece of work is the lighting! The suspension light in the center provides another life to this living room! On the other hand, the wall lights even have a completely different style and are a perfect choice. The curved lines of the chairs are in perfect tune with the curve and simple lines of the dining table. In the background, the wood details on the wall give a stunning decor.


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Sumptuous Dining Room



This dining room is proof that you can simply go above and beyond in terms of innovative design.


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Hera Suspension 

Maison Valentina

Hera signifies the blossoming of a bright new era full of life and inspiring beauty as the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature, and the personification of Honour and Maternity. This mythological monster is the enchanting idea behind this lighting composition, defined by strong and emotional paths filled with complex intricacies.


Isadora Dining Chair

Essential Home


Office Ideas



The upholstered dining chair by Studiopepe’s Italian designers is distinguished by its asymmetrical shape and brass accents. This bespoke dining chair blends the best of luxury design with a modern twist, providing the perfect finishing touch to your home décor.

Bertoia Big Dining  Table

Essential Home 


Bertoia, a modern dining table with seating for eight, is a magnificent statement piece for any dining area.


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