Fabrizio Casiraghi an Architecture and Design Icon

Fabrizio Casiraghi started his design journey at the Polytechnic University of Milan while gaining experience by working at the French Architecture studio of Dominique Perrault, a renowned french architecture genius. During this time Fabrizio surely started to develop his own unique style and artistic design sensibility.

Fabrizio Casiraghi an Architecture and Design Icon
Project: Residential Apartment – VII ARR, Paris

Nowadays, Fabrizio Casiraghi is more recognized for his unorthodox use of colors and for making the most of natural lighting. Furthermore, his work conveys a perfect balance between lyricism and Milanese sophistication, tenacity, and pureness.
In addition, the respected architect and designer has handled a broad diversity of interior design projects, from retail and hospitality design to exceptional private residences.

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In today’s article, Insplosion Blog wants to share some of Fabrizio Casiraghi ‘s best interior projects.

Project: Experimental Group Hotel – Vervier Switzerland

The designer’s modern interiors often highlight historical references in the form of an intimate and soothing environment that brims with bold combinations. Casiraghi assuredly knows how to personalize an interior by using outstanding design contrasts.

Project: Aurelie Bidermann Boutique – Rue Royal,Paris,France

For example, when he uses neon lights, he pairs them with ancient mirrors, or when he introduces precious fabrics into an interior, he often resorts to industrial resin. Another example of such daring contrasts is how he blends antique furnishings with remarkable plant displays.

Project: Residential Apartment – IX ARR,Paris

Sometimes his interiors benefit from a calmer ambiance, other times they feature a more exotic touch, nevertheless, these interiors always portray a seductive harmony as you can see by some of his interior design projects.

Project: Restaurant and Club – Central, Hong Kong, PRC

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