Fall and Winter Trends 2018

TOP 5 Fall and Winter Trends 2018

Just in time for the Fall and Winter, what’s best than having your home with elegant yet cosy style. A home decor perfect for the weather and festivities.

This year, the trends for the Fall and Winter time have both diversity and vivacity. Between dark shades and neutrals, mixed with more vivacious colors. Between backgrounds and accessories, great interior design ideas full of charm will be perfectly achieved.

Let’s see this year, top 5 of Fall and Winter trends to enter your home.


Navy Peony

Pantone’s new designation for the usual navy blue, Navy Peone, constitutes a dark blue which fits right with winter weathers. Being a dark tone, it can be easily mixed with both softer and shiny colours.

Navy Peony is perfect for the Fall and Winter, always offering a classic look. This look transpires both elegance and glamour without much effort.

Some colors are easily upstaged when blended with luxury furniture and accessories of certain color palettes, but Navy Peony doesn’t. In any interior design ideas, it will not fade away when mixed with whites, metallic gold, grey’s or black. In fact, if these are used right, Navy Peony will still be the centre of any design.

White makes the look classic yet vibrant, bringing up the intensity of the blue. The grey resonates with simplicity and denotes a more serene vibe. The black makes this blue look much darker, yet glamorous if used in small amounts or accessories.

But the colorful bonds that accentuate this hue of blue the most are the metallics such as silver and gold. Mostly the metallic gold will be the perfect epitome of elegance and luxury for both Fall and Winter times. Either in modern lighting ideas, details of upholstery and bathroom goods, or casegoods like nightstands and consoles.

 BRABBU Naj Bold Armchair


Tawny Port

A wine inspired color trend that resonates perfectly with the Fall and Winter, so welcoming and comfortable but also glamorous.

This trend inspires the feeling of warmth in cold weather, for its dark yet warm color, which is intensified by the use of certain finishes on accessories and furniture.

Although recommended for both Fall and Winter, Tawny Port and some palettes work better in one season than the other. For the Fall, an Autumn look, the Tawny Port trend can be coupled with metallic tones such as gold or copper. Copper better balances the strength of this wine colour inspiration and gifts the design with a vibrant decor. For the Winter, a mix of black with a peek of white on accessories, always offers comfort and a “home sweet home” feeling.

The tone of copper is perfect to add charm but also to soften the color intensity. Mostly used on lighting and luxury bathrooms accessories, it can also embellish casegoods, living room sets or luxury bedroom sets with detailed contours.

Wales Sofa by Brabbu
Pixel anodized cabinet by Boca do Lobo

Autumn Maple

This trend is perhaps the one that most resembles the color of Fall, so it’s not surprising that it can be arranged to fit home decor designs befitting of Fall and Winter Trends.

Autumn Maple is not a particularly vibrant colour, giving in to the sober colors and the idea of Mid-Century design. However, well joined with certain colors, it can turn around any design.

The metallics shimmers have been chosen again, to balance the essence of these seasons and the elegance it can render through a design. The gold and copper bring up the liveliness in autumn maple, contrasting its pale look and adding some thrill to the decor. Also, you can blend in shades of bright orange, which instead of shadowing the autumn maple, will actually make it stand out more.

The trick is in the balance. With Autumn Maple, mixing a shimmer of copper should be done through living room furniture as
cabinets or sideboard tables, otherwise the copper will not stand out and will fade away.

Brilliant Sconce by Koket
D. Manuel Cabinet by Boca do Lobo

Warm Taupe

This particular trend is possibly the most enduring of all. Warm Taupe and similar shades are abiding colours, very sought after because of their adaptability to all seasons.

Warm Taupe is the most qualified colour to fit your Fall and Winter, being mild enough to transpire comfort yet so delicate, that matched with the right materials and shades, it will turn your interior design into a masterpiece.

The white and taupes are always in perfect agreement. Combining this two, between backgrounds and modern bedroom furniture, upholstery or even kitchen furniture, allows you to be bold on details and accessories. The fitting colour for those would be something close to the natural grey, to keep the colour trend, simple and similar. However, if the preference is to be bolder even if between the scale of grey, silver metallic shimmers are a perfect match since they boost the design with vibrancy.

For balanced light and darker designs, dark brown and black are always a good choice. Using it in lesser amounts, casegoods and smaller upholstery products will actually make the taupe stand out much more.

Emporium Chair by Boca do Lobo
Silver Monet Table by Boca de Lobo

Chocolate Plum

Named after sweets, Chocolate Plum just makes you want to include it in your home decor. Perfect for both Fall and Winter for the numerous combinations it allows to put together with it in a design.

This trend that can be used as the background of an interior design or as a feature in a product. As a background, since it’s too dark and intense, it’s advised to moderate the color with other materials (wood, shale), textures and also, brighter colors. As for products, it can be used at your will, although some make it stand out more than others.

Using Chocolate Plum as a background allows you to combine it with lighter colored furniture and accessories. The white and taupe inspirations fit very well, without compromising the elegance or the rustic look you may be going for. Your look can be fully rustic, fully luxurious or both. About furniture, such as cabinets and upholstery, the white works very well since it contrasts with the brown.

Other suggestion of what shades to mix this chocolate inspired trend, is copper. Copper brassed or nickeled features are always trendy and useful. With Chocolate Plum, copper does wonders because it gives the trend that thrilling and glamorous look many of us work for in home decor. Used in items of furniture like cabinets, stools and other casegoods, it will contrast with the brown color and elevate the interior decor. Also used on some contours of upholstery, sofas and armchairs, it will gift the product with elegance and, therefore, the interior design idea.

If using Chocolate Plum on furniture or accessories, alone or combined, it will impact the interior decor. Since the background will be brighter in this event, the contrast of this dark colour will certainly stand out in the decor and obviously, it will make each and any product stand out also. For bigger or small cabinets, dining room sets, living room upholstery and bedroom sets, Chocolate Plum promises to give you warmth for this Fall and Winter.

Guggenheim Cabinet by Boca do Lobo
Avenue Folding Screen by Boca do Lobo


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