Famous Interior Designers: AB Concept

Let’s talk about AB Concept, the studio of some of the most famous interior designers in the world. Founded in 1999 by the remarkable duo of Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, AB Concept focuses on providing a truly bespoke luxury experience. They compare their craft to the way a chef develops a recipe, drawing inspirations from local cultures and experimenting with every variable. Their unique designs include contract interiors, home renovations and even a former police station! Curious? Discover them with Insplosion!

Four Seasons Hotel London

Famous Interior Designers: AB Concept’s Luxury Interiors
Photo: AB Concept.

AB Concept has plenty of colaborations with the Four Seasons Hotel! But the project at Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square is amongst the best this groundbreaking design studio has done. This excellent interior is actually inspired by the building’s history. These were once the headquarters of the Port of London Authority, and the decoration invokes the connection with the East and the trade of silk, tea and ceramics.

Tai Kwun Central Police Station

Photo: AB Concept.

Well, this is one police station we wouldn’t mind getting hauled into! Alright, so it doesn’t actually serve as a police station anymore. But this conversion of the former Central Police Station in Hong Kong into a dining and event center is one of the most inspired interiors we’ve ever seen.  Above all else, it’s a brilliant combination of British colonial style and traditional Chinese culture.

The Masterpiece

Photo: AB Concept.

However, if there is one thing these elite interior designers are is versatile. They also work on residential projects and this downplayed, slightly vintage interior design is proof of that. Notice the blend of class and functionality in this gorgeous inspiration.

La Corniche Villa

Photo: AB Concept.

AB Concept’s project at the Côte d’Azur is another proof of what this elite design studio can do on the residential front. For example, this gorgeous, functional bedroom. But notice how the clean lines are always peppered with details that invoke the East and its sophistication.

Photo: AB Concept.

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