Famous Interior Designers: Moscow


Famous Interior Designers: Moscow

Ever wonder about famous interior designers in Moscow, Russia? It is an epicenter for history, architecture, and contemporary art, and design enthusiasts. In this economic, political, and cultural center, people go to see galleries, enjoy the city, network and find new possibilities. We want to take you on a trip with us – let’s meet famous interior designers from Moscow!

Katerina Lashmanova

by Katerina Lashmanova

Katerina Lashmanova is a well-known interior designer from Moscow, inspired by modern classic concepts matching it with elegance. The designer creates comfortable spaces with beautiful palettes and harmonious shapes, she seeks to reflect the unique personality and taste of each of her clients. Read more here

by Katerina Lashmanova

Lashmanova Interiors explores the many facets of the modern classic style, giving life to luxury interior design projects.  The refined spaces created by Katerina Lashmanova are made comfortable by alluring palettes and comprehensive research of every single detail, while a deep understanding of her clients’ vision lets the designer be always confident in her creations.

by Katerina Lashmanova

Ekaterina Fedorchenko

Designer since 1998, Ekaterina always looked for inspiration within French culture. She transferred the main principle of French decoration to the Russian context: a luxurious interior is created by unique details and finishes.

“The most difficult thing is to achieve a balance, conformity with the purpose and the surrounding space … I do not think that the concept of“ fashionable ”should be applied to the interior. Other definitions are relevant: harmonious, unusual, interesting. The longer the interior lasts, the better. ” 2004

by Ekaterina Fedorchenko

Loved by Elle Decoration and Elle Decor China, laureate of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Awards international competition, and “Name of the Year in Interior Design” (2006). Ekaterina covered such projects as American ranches, New York art deco of the 1920s or 18th – 19th century French classicism style apartments.

by Ekaterina Fedorchenko


Dmitry Velikovsky

With 20 years of experience, Artistic Design provides service for a range of architectural and interior design, for residential and commercial projects. From luxury penthouses, villas, chalets in luxury segment, to boutique hotels and office spaces spread across the world (France, Italy, Great Britain, Russia and Ukraine, among others) the renowned Russian designer has become an international influence to the design industry thanks to his creations that successfully combine comfort, luxury design and functionality.

by Dmitry Velikovsky

”Artistic Design designers create balanced projects by skillfully combining exquisite style and day-to-day comfort, top-grade finishing, and functional interior layouts. Thanks to their intuition and refined taste, our specialists choose perfectly matching materials, fabrics, accessories, and furniture. Working closely with the customer, we are able to develop wholesome projects reflecting the owner’s character and individuality. An eclectic approach to design creates timeless designs.”

by Architectural digest

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