Fancy Modern Bedroom

Fancy Modern Bedroom: If you´re a fan of simple design lines with lots of personality, today´s article is for you! Insplosion brings you modern inspiration for a bedroom project!

With so much space that is actually enlarged by the simple lines of the modern style of this project in Bahrain!

On the other hand, the incredible balance between the colors is just amazing. The LED lights make a perfect match with the suspension lamps.

This amazing bedroom has still another area, which works as a living room, where you can enjoy the pleasures of what a stunning bedroom and living room have to offer!


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Modern Bedroom



Modernity and luxury are presented by Bahrain Project in a serene, cheery manner.

Build Your Fancy Modern Bedroom

Essential Home



Built from walnut wood and meticulously upholstered in bonded velvet, the body of this bed has lovely organic lines. Only the edges of this bed still have exposed wood, demonstrating its real sobriety. A very inspirational design for retro enthusiasts who adore opulent yet sensible architecture.


Coltrane Suspension



Coltrane is a straightforward steel-made suspended ceiling light. At the top, it has a steel rope and canopy, while the tube below is made of stainless steel with a gold powder finish. The shade is also composed of steel, but it has an exterior that is matte gold and an interior that is painted with gold powder.


Turner Table Lamp




The renowned pop singer’s electrifying and iconic dance skills served as the inspiration for Turner’s art deco table lamp.

The shade is lacquered with a black matte finish on the surface and a gold powder paint on the interior to prevent the user from feeling an uncomfortable glazing.

A playful element and lets you put together the ideal arrangement to complement your contemporary home design.

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