Gachot Studios: Crossing Lines in Interior Design

With their simple yet detailed spaces, Gachot Studios has earned itself a place amongst the best interior design firms in New York City. Indeed, no project has to follow a rigid aesthetic with them. They pride themselves on merging timeless craft with technology. It’s all about being genuine, functional, and unique. Curious? Get to know all about these interior design stars in our article!

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Gachot Studios Shelter Island
Shelter Island Home © Gachot

Who is behind Gachot Studios?

John and Christine Gachot are the talented couple behind the firm. They started the project with the aim of creating a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment. The result is a blend of their unique strengths.

Indeed, Jonh and Christine met at NY studio Sofield, where they were both working at the time. This personal partnership eventually led to a professional and creative one. Christine’s talent for public relations complete’s Jonh’s attention to detail and love for craftsmanship.

Today, they live with their son in Shelter Island, NY. In fact, their home, pictured above, is just as seamless an expression of their creativity and love for interior design as any of their projects.

Curious? Let’s explore their work!

Soho Loft Redux

Since they had once designed its interior for another family, this project became the Soho Loft Redux. Indeed, perhaps that’s why the final result is so deeply eclectic and personal. The decor revolves around art, posters and blots of bold color against an almost industrial background, with white or exposed brick walls.

Finally, the bedroom and entryway complete urban and unique decor. The bed is lovely, welcoming and comfortable. But it’s the bold mid-century table we love the best. It looks just like this one by Essential Home!

The Shepard

The Shepard © Gachot

Although still technically a residential project, this design for a 42-unit luxury condominium is entirely different from the previous one. Despite being comfortable and unique, these shared spaces are necessarily a lot grander and less personal than a family loft. There are definitely a few common features, though. For example, the abundance of empty space and focus on functionality never leaves the room feeling bare due to the use of mid-century elements and bold industrial elements.

Inspired? Then take another look at the fireplace! There’s nothing vintage about its safe, practical design, and that’s exactly what adds a contemporary twist to the room. This office, however, looks almost like an old-fashioned library. It’s just as personal as the loft design. The checkers are a nice detail, aren’t they?

Shinola Hotel

Shinola Hotel © Gachot

This design for the Shinola Hotel, in Detroit, was all about merging the city’s past with its present. Indeed, the hotel itself brings two iconic old buildings together: a former department store and a former sewing machine factory. It’s a souvenir of Detroit’s industrial history and the decor is as chic and mid-century themed as one would expect.

But not all of its rooms go as far on the retro inspirations as the one we showed you before. Indeed, this living area fuses mid-century with simpler, almost minimalist furniture designs like such as those of the coffee table and poufs. The shares lounge area is more classic, but there are definitely love creative elements, such as the paper lamps.

Betteridge Jewelers

Betteridge © Gachot

After more than 60 years of history, the Betteridge jewelers expanded and relocated. Of course, they picked the Gachots to head the project. Besides hosting several luxury brands, such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe and Panerai, Betteridge has a luxury interior to match. Everything about this design is about honoring the history of the business, the love for craftsmanship and quality.

But you don’t have to be a jeweler to bring this gorgeous style into your home. The project also includes a bar and a lounge. Indeed, you can get plenty of inspiration from the bold, old-fashioned luxury of this interior.

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