Gensler Singapore: Best Interior Design Projects

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Gensler Singapore

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Gensler, shaping the future through design excellence, means that they assume a position to holistically improve the human experience. Guided by determined optimism, they can use the power of design to spark positive change and create a future that promotes equity, resilience, and wellbeing for everyone.

Their global team is reimagining the future of cities as unprecedented challenges drive us towards a critical, yet hopeful, time of transformation. Their purpose is to Create a Better World Through the Power of Design, which comes to life across their 28 practice areas, client relationships, a global network of leaders, and diversity of talent.

Gensler sees itself as a pioneer in the design stage. For that, they assume an obligation when it comes to promoting a resilient future. With a particular focus on Sustainable Design in the Building Industry.

Take a look at some of Gensler Singapore’s best interior design projects.

National University Hospital

This project is a solution born from extreme constraints that embrace speed in execution. As a result, improves the experience and elevates the health of the city.

Office Ideas

Gensler Singapore: Best Interior Design Projects

Viettel Group Headquarters, Vietnam

The unique design’s optimized oval geometry connects employees via interconnected floor spaces across all levels.

Gensler Singapore: Best Interior Design ProjectsBest Interior Design Projects

ORE Center, Philippines

In accommodating a strict floor-area ratio, this new building tapers as it rises, distinguishing itself from neighboring towers and providing varying-sized floor plates and distinctive vertical gardens while meeting the client’s goal of timeless simplicity.

Gensler Singapore: Best Interior Design Projects

The Finance Centre Tower, Philippines

A unitized, glass-and-aluminum curtain wall system works in concert with other sustainable design strategies.

Best Interior Design Projects Best Interior Design Projects

What did you think of these projects developed by Gensler of Singapore? You can learn more about them and many other designers from Singapore and around the world. Just follow the Insplosion Blog.

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