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Geremia Design

San Francisco is known for the year-long fog, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and its cable cars and colorful Victorian houses. Furthermore, this is a city full of gorgeous homes and living spaces.

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Geremia is a design studio that creates signature spaces through custom interiors and art curation.

The Geremia Design team is comprised of architectures, furniture designers, industrial designers, and artists.

Calistoga Residence

This project combines nature and landscaping with architecture and interior design. Wood is a very strong and timeless material, perfect for creating a cozy interior. This house really embraced the love for wine country, entertaining, and customizing its environment to work for the customers’ special interests and hobbies.

Island Retreat

Nestled in a quiet bay, the home features an open plan and floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the incredible views. Geremia Design combined the owner’s active lifestyle and love of the outdoors.

The architecture and warm palette – old, rush, dark metal – set against the lush blue, cool bay, set the tone for the palette, materials, and pieces selected for the entire interior design.

27th Street Residence

The streamlined design provides a clean backdrop for the home’s furnishings and collection of works by emerging artists. The decor fits perfectly with the furniture design, finding the perfect contrast between modern and classic.

The firm’s designs have been featured in several renowned magazines. We can emphasize The New York Times, GQ, Interior Design Magazine, Business Insider, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, or Forbes.

Did you like to meet Geremia Designer, one of the best designers in the world? You can know more at INSPLOSION.

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