Gold Decor trends 2020

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Gold decor trends 2020? – Get ready to find our best ways to use classic gold with new designs and inspirations for 2020.

We all know, Gold is classic. William Shakespeare said ”Gold – what it not do, and undo?”  What it does we are sure –  it makes design appealing, elegant, classic and in the same time luxurious. It goes well with dark tones – navy blue, black, strong red and in the same time soft tones – white, pink, creamy colors. How to use gold decor trends and never be ‘out of fashion’? We have prepared you some pairs of gold and other colors. Check it out.


Gold decor trends 2020
Gold decor trends 2020 | Image by Trendbook | More Moodboards


Trendbook have defined the New Favourite Color Scheme on Pinterest’s: Navy Blue & Gold. The duo Navy and gold are emerging as one of Pinterest’s most popular new decor trends, and we can’t help but love the way glamorous gold punctuates the strong, classic quality of navy blue. There are endless ways to approach this dazzling fad. 

Bedroom Blue
Image by


Gold Statement in any room of your house

Liked that? How do you feel about making statement design with gold furniture at your home? A dining room should accommodate both elegant feasts and everyday meals, reflect your home’s style, and fit your space. Gold will bring another touch of luxury and makes this daily used area another look.

Dining room gold table
Empire Dining Table by Boca do Lobo


BLUE AND SAND BEDROOM WITH LUXURY DETAILS. Bring luxury and design furniture to your beach vibe bedroom! With the modern style of mixing blue and sand colours, you can create a room that brings a relaxing vibe and still shows how great luxury can fit this type of spaces. We all need some sparkle, and golden detail is a perfect match for that!

Bedroom Golden
Blue and Gold Bedroom


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PATTERN AND GOLD DETAILED BEDROOM. Get a very comfortable vibe with the right patterns and the gold details every room needs. Get inspired with this bedroom details to make sure you make yours beautiful.

Pattern and Gold detailed bedroom
Pattern and Gold detailed bedroom


MINIMAL LUXURY BATHROOM WITH A GOLD CHANDELIER. Sometimes the best way to match minimalism is with an intense statement piece. Use a good chandelier to put above your bathtub and create a lovely atmosphere supported by light colours and luxury design pieces.

Minimal Luxury Bathroom with a gold Chandelier by Delightfull


CONCRETE BLACK & GOLD BATHROOM WITH A 4 RINGS MIRROR. A luxury experience even with concrete comes when you make the right decision about the pieces you put there. Choose wisely, get the best luxury concrete bathroom inspiration and, if you love it, shop the room.

Gold detailed bathroom
Black and Gold Bathroom


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