Grand Outstanding Living Room

Grand Outstanding Living Room:  Today´s inspirational article post is about an outstanding and spacious living room!

The amazing space allows you to have grand-dimensioned sofas and more than one center table and side tables, which provides more comfort and decor options! Besides, the golden details always add a luxurious touch to almost any piece of furniture or decor. On the other hand, the floor´s white tones go perfect with the neutral palette of the rug!

The stunning suspension lighting piece looks so perfect in this living room, not only because of the design itself but also because of the golden details.

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Outstanding Living Room


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Essex Airmchair



Essex Armchair draws inspiration from metamorphosis, the process by which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Likewise, the velvet-covered barrel chair has an aged brass matte base that adds character. Any living room arrangement will get a sophisticated elegance that only velvet chairs can provide.

Hera Suspension Lamp

Boca do Lobo

The Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature, this mythological being is the wonderful idea for this lighting installation.

It is distinguished by strong and emotional paths packed with minute details. Markedly, the lighting fixture has been molded to have the appearance and characteristics of a golden branch.

This chandelier was handcrafted from cast brass and has an organic shape and intricate modern elements to provide an adjustable arrangement in a pleasing ensemble.


Craig Center Table

Essential Home 

The Craig center table is the ideal focal point for your project for a living room because of its unwavering retro style and powerful opulent presence. This special item gives a lovely modern touch to the complete appearance with its inspired sleek style!

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