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Grant K Gibson Interior Design

Grant K Gibson Interior Design Inc was founded in New York in 2002. Is known for his classic, beautifully livable spaces. Now, based between Northern California and Maine, the boutique firm works on select projects around the country– from Palm Beach to New York and Los Angeles. He loves creating unique and personal interiors for clients around the country.

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Gibson and his team of interior designers have an eye for comfortable and colorful interior designs that balance traditional and modern motifs. Although he loves color, he admits that blue is one of his favorite colors for interiors. Whatever the shade, it is one of the most used colors in his projects.

See some of their projects.

Grant K Gibson Interior Design has been featured in an impressive number of publications including Architectural Digest, The New York Times, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and Better Homes and Gardens. Last year, Elle Decor included him in their A-List of the Best Designers in the World.

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