Great Inspirational Tips on Vintage Decor!

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Vintage Decor

Great Inspirational Tips on Vintage Decor!

Vintage Decor is a soft yet elegant way of decorating a room. The great thing about Vintage Decor is that it can be combined with other interior design styles. So, let’s see some Great Inspirational Tips on Vintage Decor!

The Vintage style evokes a nostalgic and comfortable ambience. There are many tips on Vintage Decor, but to understand how to use it, it’s important to understand what is vintage and how to include it in home design.

Vintage Decor mostly refers to several antique upholstery, casegoods or accessories.  On upholstery and casegoods, vintage shows on soft tone for furniture, light fabrics and patterns such as floral patterns. On accessories, on any room of a house, vintage is seen on old brass mirrors and lamps, on the simply structured walls made of brick and tile, on the iron and porcelain details of accessories in the bathroom appliances or kitchenware, on antique kitchen devices such as vintage toasters or mixers.

Vintage Decor

On color, patterns and materials, there’s also much more to tell and connect to vintage decor. Speaking of colour, there are some colors which are used perfectly on vintage decorated ambiences, sober tones or some certain splashes of pastel shades. On patterns, sometimes mixing vintage with antique. On materials such as wood and textures on upholstery.

Vintage Decor is unmistakable! The way it fits with different room designs, well it all depends on the style of the room design.

Let’s explore some mixes of Vintage Decor and beautiful yet different interior design styles!

Industrial Room Design

Vintage Decor

Industrial Interior Design is commonly used on lofts and old buildings, as a way to keep the main structures and create a beautiful open living space. Nowadays, it can be used on traditional apartments or houses just to create a similar look. A look that it can look modern as it can look vintage.

To get an industrial designed room, open space, and the use of rough surfaces and materials are a must. About color, metallic shades are a big choice in either silver, gold and copper. Mixes of black, greys and white can also be attributed to industrial design. On casegoods, metal tables and chairs, or metallic lighting designs are also very much used on industrial design.

To mix Vintage Decor in an industrial designed room, to contrast with the rugged look of the space structure, using some textures is a great way of keeping it vintage. Leather sofas and armchairs may be a better fit for industrial, than velvet.

Luxury Brands

Using some patterns and textures on fabrics for any room is a great option, also. The patterns will go well with the non-traditional look of industrial home design, by standing out themselves but also making the rough surfaces, brick or tile, stand out given the big contrast on materials.


Rustic Room Design

The rustic style is inspired on the outdoors, is sometimes considered a representation of the outdoor ambiences through the elements it includes in rustic home design. The Rustic design style is not on for perfection or attention to the detail, in fact it thrives on the imperfection ofitss elements. Common in rural houses or bungalows, especially on the mountains, it’s a style somewhat connected with winter times.

To use Vintage Decor in rustic home design, the ideal would be to follow certain tips!

The wooden structures of a rustic room are not only a natural element in rustic home design, but also are an essential element to connect with Vintage Decor. From then on, it’s easy to include vintage accessories and furniture into the design.

About upholstery, sofas and such, the ideal choices would be a mix of soft fabric in light colors such as white or taupes or with simple patterns in the same colors. About casegoods, wooden tables and cabinets are the best but you can also fit some rugged white painted consoles with iron or brass details, which will rock the vintage-rustic look.

About accessories, the use of fur on rugs and pillows is perhaps the most common in rustic designs. But to add the vintage touch, you can add a certain pattern look on the rugs, or even use some textures such as velvet, on pillows.


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