Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs
Hall at Ten50 © HA LLC

Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs

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Handel Architects has been honoring its commitment to improving urban landscapes since its foundation. Yet, like the best architecture firms, these artists are about much more than the outside. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to introduce you to their best interior design projects. Explore their best hospitality and residential interiors and get some inspiration for your next project!

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Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs
Dream Downtown Hotel © HA LLC

Handel Architects: More Than an American Story

Handel Architects was actually founded in New York, in 1994. From the start, the firm has been guided by a strong sense of mission. Indeed, their goal was to use architecture to make each city into a better place to live, with a huge focus on social improvement and quality of living.

These high ideals extent to the issue of immigration. They make a point of stating the importance of migration in American history and pride themselves on having a truly international staff. Today, they employ over 200 architects and designers in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Hong Kong!

Dream Downtown Hotel Interiors

Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs
Dream Downtown Hotel © HA LLC

The Dream Downtown Hotel Interiors do justice to their name. Indeed, this project was meant to be vaguely otherwordly and magical. Thus, there is a great use of mirrors, as well as of bold and creative lighting. You can’t miss the massive luxury chandelier in the center of the bar (we actually have one just like it in our shop).

Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs
Dream Downtown Hotel © HA LLC

But you have rooms with other themes which are just as incredible! This lounge follows a London one, with symbols of the town all over the decor, hip mid-century elements, and an almost industrial vibe.

288 Pacific Interiors

Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs
288 Pacific © HA LLC

The 288 Pacific is a 33-unit residential development in the Jackson Square neighborhood in San Francisco. Thus, the design had to be all about reflecting the history of this iconic place. It’s classic luxury design at its finest, with rich, dark, wooden interiors, marble elements and a beautiful contrast between white and warm browns shades.

The bathroom and hallways follow the same ideas. Once again, oak and marble are used to create an ambiance of absolute sophistication.

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Pacific Heights Home

Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs

Although located in the same neighborhood, the Pacific Heights Home is a private residence. Therefore, there is a much bigger emphasis on creating a welcoming and personable environment. The luxury is much more understated, with lighter browns and warm eggshell shades that provide a sense of comfort. Remember, a luxury home still has to feel like just that, a home.

The floor and wall engravings in the entryway have an almost classical vibe. Yet, the warm tones and mid-century bench add a little extra personality. But it’s the dining room we’re truly obsessed with. Once again, the classical influence in the sculptures is balanced by the chic mid-century modern design of the dining chairs. The so-called “golden hour” lighting makes the room look even more inviting!


Handel Architects: Their Best Interior Designs
Ten50 © HA LLC

Finally, we have the bold, unique design of the Ten50 condos. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, this project is the very definition of mid-century modern. The goal here is to incorporate influences from the 1930’s and 1940’s of golden era L.A into its chic and vibrant present.

But being influenced by the past doesn’t mean being passé. The use of irreverent colors and patterns, unique decor pieces, and irreverent mid-century lighting keep this project from looking quite like anything we’ve ever seen before.

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