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High Ceiling

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Insplosion has selected some of the best inspirations for their high-ceilinged luxury rooms! You will love them!

First of all, we chose this great example of a living room project from the well-known in the world of luxury interior design: AB Concept.

The minimalist, industrial feel of the suspension lights is inspired by mid-century decor. Coltrane pendant lamp is one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers.  This is the perfect warm and elegant modern neutral living room with curated designs ready to enlighten your life.

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Craftsmanship and luxury converge into one when we look at this stunning living room decor. The burgundy armchair is a statement of luxury, paired with the glamorous gold chandelier!

Shop The Look: Loren Armchair


When we think of high ceilings, we are instantly reminded of Lauren Coburn’s work. Have you ever seen how the rug hugs the entire living area? Surprising! This contemporary and neutral living room is a great example of comfort and luxury.


Incredibly modern, infinitely beautiful with selected designs ready to go! Bright and smooth, this living room tells us exactly how to mix optimism and joy in color. It’s a subdued room with the glamorous appeal and whimsical glow of golden tones.

Shop The Look: Essex Armchair



Inspired by the film scene of the 1940s, this design is a lighter take on the darker design of its family. The modular sofa and armchair have the perfect color palette to match this modern living room! This luxurious single swivel sofa offers maximum comfort and affordability. You may also like to combine the Vertigo Center Table with this incredible sofa.

Editor’s Choice: Vertigo Center Table


The Novak sofa combines some mid-century style details with a contemporary design vision and instantly updates the room! Novak is a sofa that combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision.

Shop The Look: Novak Sofa


Designed especially for this project, the Beyond Long Side Table matches the Beyond Long Bookcase. Right in the middle is the Empire Set I Coffee Table. It is a glamorous and charming modular two-piece round table made with bronze brass.

This high ceiling room belongs to the Hyatt Regency Aqab Ayla Resort, in Jordan. The designer responsible for this project was Yabu Pushelberg.

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