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Founded with the purpose of anticipating community needs, HMC Architects aims to create designs that have a positive impact, now and into the future.

Up next we have some Interiors Ideas by HMC Architects. They focus on opportunities to have the most direct contribution to communities–through healthcare, education, and civic spaces. Their Interiors Projects combine creativity, research, planning and expertise to deliver spaces that have a positive impact on people as they learn, work and live with the best comfort.

HMC has a passionate team that works to show its love for designs. The major partnerships are in healthcare, education and civic Clients in order to solve their Design Problems and needs.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Los Angeles

Despite its bustling surroundings on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, the remodeled Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Los Angeles is a welcoming and calm space. Fresh and contemporary elements evoke the essence of a boutique hotel and make the modernized facility a wellness haven for its members. Combining Kaiser’s NextGen and Total Health Environment concepts, the facility is all about hospitality.

HMC Architects - Discovet The Best Architectural Projects

The Ontario Convention Center Café

As the original architect for the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, Calif., HMC has seen a lot of progress in this growing region. However, the center’s last major update was 20 years ago. And, with increasing attendee numbers, the Greater Ontario California Convention & Visitor’s Bureau once again relied on HMC to bring this Southern California meeting destination up to speed with a new café and outdoor patio.

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Discovet The Best Architectural Projects

Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility

Architecture has a significant impact on the human psyche. Especially when the space you occupy is a prison. Acknowledging that over half of prisoners in America’s corrections system suffer from abuse, trauma and mental illness, the County of San Diego and the Sheriff’s Department recognized that building a healing environment to promote well-being and prevent further psychological deterioration was imperative.

Discovet The Best Architectural Projects

Portola High School

With adaptive open spaces, collaboration zones, and science and innovation labs, Portola High School in Irvine, Calif. looks and feels more like a college campus or Silicon Valley office than a high school. Once the site of the Irvine Ranch and former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, the base closed in 1999 and is now home to a 21st-century school with learning at every turn.

HMC Architects - Discovet The Best Architectural Projects

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