How to Combine a Luxury Modern & Classic Interior

Today, we are looking forward to showing you How to Combine a Luxury Modern & Classic Interior style into one, astonishing project. Inspirations of Top Interior designs are all over around us.  To find Top Projects and Best Interior designers we deliver your daily inspirations on our Instagram (follow), articles, and projects by room, by style, and colors.

Rendered many projects with worldwide known products and most exclusive selections. Likewise, Spaces Architects from Egypt are sharing the most wonderful creations where modern design meets classic and yet elegant styles. Therefore, to see how they are handling it, we have selected Top Projects:

Residence in Katameya Dunes

Exclusive interiors’ designer Spaces Architects paired curved and straight lines just perfectly. Moreover, modern and yet unique living room project in Katameya Dunes with top interior design world brands as, Serip lighting founded in 1961. Additionally, project has Galliotti & Radice furniture, enriching the design to its best. Don’t you just love this luxury modern styled together with classic details? See more designs bellow:

Private Residence in Palestine

Private residence in Kuwait

Luxury Apartment

Together with these beautiful designs, we want to share more inspirations of the Luxury Modern Classic Interior. Feel the powerfulness of this luxurious, bespoke living room decor.


What defines Luxury Modern Classic Interiors?

Colors and materials


Modern furniture could be still trendy today, especially when it has various curves and such colors as brown, beige, black, chocolate brown, gray, silver, white, and grayest blue shades.

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Soft-colored carpets or wood floors in warm tones are generally used. Because flooring is neutral, the texture in the carpets or rugs is important. Berber carpets, hides, and sisal rugs are popular choices for transitional style.


Simple lines, accessories, and decorations are for the strongest look. Use a vase of a single flower and put it on the table. Paint your wall, if you like geometric patterns good use that for examples on some pillows.

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