How to master Living Coral Living Rooms

So, today’s post is all about teaching you how to master living coral living rooms! Living Coral is the Pantone colour for 2019. Besides, this beautiful and inspiring shade will brighten any ambience.

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In fact, Living Coral refers to the shade of the beautiful sea reefs. Coral reefs are known for their incomparable beauty. They have gorgeous yet rough textures. Indeed, corals are proof of resistance. Time and time again, they struggle against the hard sea’s conditions. Nervertheless, they resist, enduring nature’s best and its worst.

As a colour, Living coral is a shade made to boost any spring and summer design. What’s better is that it’s renowned colour, having been used for the first time in fashion design shows of Prada and Stella McCartney, last year.


Transform your Living Room design into a room full of Bold statements!

In interior design projects, with the Pantone choice for colour of the year, Living Coral had an immense impulse on its uses.

In any room design, Living Coral transpires the liveliness and vibrancy of its shade. Thus, it empowers the room with a bold statement, no matter how it’s used.

Hidden Tints apartment, Sweden, by Note Design Studio


This simple elegant living room is a great example of how Living Coral can be used as a bold choice in decor. In fact, the ambience above by Note Design Studio reflects exactly that. It uses a screen patterned wall in a corner of the room and combined with a Living Coral armchair on the same corner.




Through its mix of liveliness and delicacy, Pantone Living Coral (PANTONE 16-1546) both adds substance to an item or ambience, as it maintains the elegance of the same ambience.

A bold colour, it can be used to style a room in several distinct interior design styles. You can find a wide range of styles, from ecletic to luxury, in how Living Coral fits perfectly.

The Lovy chaise longue above is a Bonaldo design. It is an eclectic design with a coral shaded velvet fabric finish.


Waterfront Nikis Apartment, Greece, by Stamatios Giannikis


The beautiful Living Coral inspired living room ambience, from the Waterfront Nikis Apartment designed by Stamatios Giannikis, is a great example of how Coral can lighten up a room without exaggeration.

Softer Corals

The Living Coral shade decorates the walls of the room, enlightening it with its rich colour. A bold choice, given the strength of the colour, it makes an impact on the room just by its use.


The Fitzroy Sofa by Brabbu is a beautiful piece in a soft shade of Living Coral. Still manages to brighten the mood of the living room, contrasting with the bold colours and patterns of the rug, and the shapes on the centre table.


Tokyo Grand Renovation ambience


This ambience shared by Tokyo Grand Renovation is a room design full of colour. The element which stands out the most is the Living Coral wall. But that bold colour contrasts with the softer colours chosen for the rest of the ambience.

In fact, the Living Coral wall is so bold that it makes the softer pink and grey stand out immensely. As interior design goes, the general colour combination makes for a gorgeous room.



This beautiful ambience by Brabbu, with a velvet Living Coral sofa which brightens the mood. Although paired with light grey shades and a Eden center table, the living coral sofa stands out. In a way, it’s as beautiful as a coral itself. Then we have the addition of some colored pillows to balance the color scheme between the Living Coral and grey neutrals.

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