How to Master Mid-Century Lighting


Lighting is a big part interior design and decor. In fact, it can be really important in defining the style of a room. So, we want to show you how to master mid-century lighting!

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The use of decor and accessories uses is not fixed . A designer adjusts the amount of decor in a project according to the style of the room. Therefore, in a minimalist room, the decor will not be a prominent feature.

However, if a room is supposed to be designed in a luxury style, it’s usual for the decor to be significant and more exuberant. And also for lighting to be more exuberant, of course.

But let’s focus on a particular style, Mid-Century Design. It consists of a classic and understated design look with a touch of modernity on lines and curves, materials and colors. Indeed, as a design style, Mid-Century focuses on the functionality of the designs. In short, these are simple classic designs without complexity or exaggerated ornamentation.

On design itself, the use of straight lines on geometric shapes. But when it comes to materials, it’s open-minded. In fact, it seeks a balance between traditional and non-traditional.

Mid-Century is very receptive to different features since its designs demonstrate a tremendously wide range of materials. Designs in mid-century style use many materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, even plastic. And what’s more interesting, is that it’s not for the idea the material gives but it’s for its own qualities and unique finishes.

Thus, when it comes to color, it’s the same line of thought. Indeed, there’s a diversified use of color, ranging from neutral shades to bold. Finally, there’s a range of classic to graphic uses of color.

So, let’s finish with some room designs with beautiful Mid-Century lighting!


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