Incredible Fusion of Inspiration and Luxury

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Incredible Fusion of Inspiration and Luxury: present to you a fresh inspiration today in our daily article, which includes two of our most exquisite pieces! This furniture arrangement can be ideal for your living room, foyer, or even hallway! The mirror’s natural inspiration and the sideboard’s Portuguese culture can be combined in this design.

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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design

Incredible Combination of Luxury and Inspiration





Today’s inspiration features the Heritage Sideboard, a hand-crafted and hand-painted piece! The three-piece mirror is the Halo!



Let’s talk more about the products 

Heritage Sideboard

Boca do Lobo


The Heritage Sideboard is a stunning exploration of Portuguese heritage. The architectural sideboard, which is covered with azulejos, traditional hand-painted tiles that are among the most emblematic works of Portuguese culture, depicts various scenarios from the nation’s Age of Discoveries. A single final panel collects centuries of history, with vertical mirrors on the lateral surfaces enhancing each layer.




Halo Mirror

Maison Valentina


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The interaction of light with airborne ice crystals causes the halo phenomenon. Halos can be colorful or white rings, arcs, sky patches, or a combination of these. This item is perfect for contemporary bathroom interior design ideas. It comprises of a set of three mirrors and a stylish gold frame accent.


Now Insplosion gives you some ideas!

Lapiaz Sideboard

Boca do Lobo


The hammered gold accents and the mirrored façade, which convey both energy and elegance as well as a charming contradiction between power and delicacy, create a new current vitality in interior design. a functional work of art made from recently cracked ice that features lovely golden accents.

Vaugan Suspension




The mid-century lighting style is aesthetically stunning and makes for the perfect statement piece for both a modern dining room and a hospitality project. Because of its complex yet understated detailing, this mid-century ceiling light will give off an air of Hollywood glitter with its golden tones and contemporary atmosphere.


The Angra Mirror

Maison Valentina



The outstanding Angra Mirror pays homage to the legendary Portuguese city of “Angra do Heroismo” in the Azores. The amazing shape and curving design of this sensuous and exquisite mirror make it the perfect addition to any opulent bathroom décor.

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