Inspiring Places in Paris: The Definitive List

Inspiring Places in Paris

Inspiring Places in Paris

Paris, the city of lights to some, the city of love to others, is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. As one of the most iconic European capitals, you will have no problem finding inspiring places in Paris. In fact, the problem is to sort through them. But, here at Insplosion, we can help you find the best ones!

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So, we want to introduce you to an amount of secret yet super inspirational spots. In fact, most of them still remain a mystery for those who visit Paris. But that’s what will make you feel good about discovering them!

Paris: A City of Culture

The Colonnes de Buren or Les Deux Plateaux is an art installation by Daniel Buren in the Palais Royal in Paris. While the design itself consists of striped white and black columns emerging from the floor, it was supposed to inspire a reflexion on perception and projection of space.


Vue de L’horlogue D’Orsay

The Musée d’Órsay has more than one oversized and artistic clock but is the one in the tower that stuns everyone with its views. Specifically, it is the  Musée d’ Orsay Clock, located on the fifth floor of the museum, that enchants all. Indeed, it impresses both by its large dimension but also by its functionality. Finally, you have the translucent window, which allows panoramic views.

Thus, the giant Clock provides a great view to the Seine river and many of Paris’ points of interest. You can see places such as the Louvre and The Tuileries Garden!


Of course, one who loves fashion will certainly appreciate Louis Vuitton.

Although inspired on the fashion brand, the Foundation Louis Vuitton was created by Bernard Arnault in 2006 by the group LVMH et ses Maison. Indeed, it is meant to represent all the art and culture developed by the group in its 20 years.

More Than Just Museums



Then we have the Dodo Manège, which is quite an unusual carousel. In fact, you can see that all the carousel’s rides are extinct and endangered animals,  which are listed beside it. Consequently, it is considered a great representation of the Jardin des Plants.

A beautiful colourful street in the  city of Paris, Rue Crémiex is all  about how to enjoy the simplest things. To clarify, this is a full street where the house’s façades are all painted in soft pastel colors. Likewise, some even have inspiring drawings on them.

The Wall of Love or as its called Le Mur des Je T‘aime is a 40 square metres wall, located in the Jehan Rectus garden square in Montamare, Paris. The wall consists of hundreds of tiles of enamelled lava, in which the word I Love You have been written 311 times in 250 languages. While some of them are spoken by many, others are very rare.


A private institute of higher education, École Camondo is backed by the Musée d’Arts Decoratifs. Thus, this school has trained desigers on spetial and object design. In fact, some of the Top Interior Designers in the world, such as Philippe Starck and Robert Couturier, were students there.

Parks and Nature in Paris


The Pigalle Basketball Court is a funky artistic space and considered to be an urban art intervention, located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Surprisingly, this intervention was the result of partnership between sports brand Nike, fashion label brand Pigalle and IllStudio, a creative studio. This is a place of colorful explosion and funky mood. Besides, it is located between two buildings and on a block with houses in neutral shades, so it’s stands out from any angle.

Then there’s also the Parc de Sceaux. It is a beautiful estate which includes a small yet classic château and numerous carefully designed and cared gardens. Moreover, it is known for its cherry trees blossoming. Thus, people have gotten a taste for relaxing and doing pic-nics underneath them.

At last, you have a gorgeous 460 hectar park, the Parc Saint Cloud. Obviously, it is located near Paris, in federal territory or domaine national of Saint Cloud. Besides being considered one of the top parks in Europe, it was also awarded the status of Notable Garden.

Paris: Most Inspiring Restaurants


Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole

A very creativly designed cafe, Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is located in Paris near Notre Dame.

Indeed, you have to notice the rustic vintage look of the cafe, the gint wisteria and the colorful sets of chairs and tables outside. After all, these details make the Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole a unique place.

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole

Also, there’s the Pink Mamma Restaurant, which is one of the newest additions to Big Mamma Group network.

A brilliant creation, Pink Mamma’s each floor defines different spots besides the entrance floor. Firstly, there’s a Great Gatsby-inspired cocktail bar on the first floor and an italian room for traditional cuisine on the second floor. Then, the third floor has a panoramic room. Finally, there’s No Entry bar, Pink Mamma’s hidden bar. It is below all the others and reserved for unique italian flavored cocktails.

Pink Mamma Restaurant
The Pink Mamma Restaurant


Then there’s this restaurant and cafe in Paris, the Marcelle, which known for the healthy food it makes. Besides, with a carefully selected decor and white background, the two-floor restaurant is a paradise of stripped furnishings and floral adornings.

Laudurée Bonaparte is an empire inspired on the tradition of tea houses and saloons. While it was once just a bakery, the idea was quickly followed by tea salons or salon de thé, where people would come for the tea and the sweets. But also for the artistic and cultural entertainment and for socializing.

So, do you think we missed any top inspirational spots in Paris? Then let us know!

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