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Joan Behnke & Associates

Joan Behnke is a veteran in interior design who believes in the collaborative aspect of design, as synonymous with success.

She began her career with palaces and residences for Saudi Arabia’s royal family.  Then, has achieved notoriety by designing for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Was aptly dubbed “The Billionaire Whisperer” by Forbes.

In 1999 she founded Joan Behnke & Associates. Since then she has been rooted in the deep belief of interior design as an art and a profound opportunity for self-expression.

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Joan Behnke & Associates - a designer with inspirations

Over the years their projects have received international acclaim. A lot of it due to the fact that there is a great dedication to each client, transforming each project as if it were the only one.

The team is able to transform the spaces, infusing them with a deeper kind of beauty that transcends imagination and continues to flourish and inspire for a lifetime. Here are a few examples:

15 Hudson Yards — New York, NY

In this project, Joan Behnke & Associates was able to adapt the interior design of the apartment to fit the exterior. It fits perfectly into the concept of a city interior.

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Joan Behnke & Associates - a designer with inspirations

Costa Smeralda Villas — Sardinia, Italy

Being a well-traveled person, Joan Behnke admits that she gets her inspiration from her travels. It is in getting to know new places that she finds details that will bring life to its interiors.

Joan Behnke & Associates - a designer with inspirations

Chestnut Hill Estate — Boston, Massachusetts

The team of Joan Behnke & Associates is continually looking for new and inspiring ways to use color, texture, and exquisite craftsmanship to create lasting beauty.

Joan Behnke & Associates - a designer with inspirationsJoan Behnke & Associates - a designer with inspirations

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Her success is well-deserved!

What do you think about Joan Behnke & Associates and their projects? Do you identify with any of the company’s designs? Share your opinion. We’d love to hear it!

In the meantime, you can continue to be inspired by INSPLOSION.


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