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Joanna Wood International Interior Design is one of the most sought-after luxury interior design companies in the world, with a design team based in Belgravia, London. The owner, Joanna Wood, is recognized as one of Britain’s leading figures in the international world of Interior Design. The 25 years dedicated to the business have guaranteed it an worldwide reputation.

The unmatched professionalism and style of Joanna and her team has attracted some of the highest-profile and most prestigious residential, private and commercial projects around the globe. It has extensive experience in both the private residential market and also in the property investment market.

Joanna brings to each project her care and attention to detail, creating a timeless style that combines traditional and contemporary elements to produce a result that is both practical and visually exciting.

Joanna is notable for her use of craftsmen and furniture makers to achieve a bespoke interior for her clients, with a priority to create a place that is a home. Not only does she know the look and the ambiance that she wants to achieve for her clients, but she also thinks through the practicalities of everyday life.

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Penthouse, Soho

Joanna Wood and her team started with a completely blank canvas and designed every detail including the hand-crafted joinery, lighting, flooring, and bespoke furnishings.

Joanna Wood: International Interior Design Practice and Shop

Apartment, Chelsea

This Edwardian school built in 1908 has distinct historical features, tall windows, double-height spaces and generous proportions. They have created a series of beautifully tailored, individual and luxurious interiors that encapsulate contemporary living.

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International Interior Design Practice and Shop

Town House, Knightsbridge

Joanna Wood’s mission in this extraordinary house in Knightsbridge was to create a masterpiece of introspective decoration. The team created a beautiful internal landscape with a sense of liberating spaciousness within the windowless walls.

Joanna Wood: International Interior Design Practice and Shop

Penthouse Development, Covent Garden

The team designed the Penthouse to have a European feel running through it. The designers incorporated a mix of classic contemporary pieces, together with antiques and luxurious accessories.

International Interior Design Practice and Shop

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