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Bring home the magic of a staycation with hotel interior design.

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Imagine owning a resplendent HDB as swanky as a five-star hotel. Or a condo apartment that whisks you away to your last balmy Bali island resort vacation. Just in your wildest interior design dreams? Maybe not. It’s time to rediscover the potential small apartment interiors hold.

With the generous S$100 Singapore Rediscover Voucher, they’ve collected field notes of what makes Singapore’s favourite hotel spots staycay worthy. In this article, you’ll learn how to replicate a hotel interior design theme for your next HDB or condo home transformation project. With bestheirt tips on decorations, furniture, and materials, everyone can be a hotelier. Well, sort of.

The luxurious interior designs of hotels is a key aspect of why they glamorize them. Handpicked decorations, fabulous furnishing and opulent materials make them beautiful. Not to mention, necessarily insta-worthy. So, how do you pull off the look?

Free eBooks

Quite simply, by developing a strong sense of taste. Although not all are graced with the God-given ability to handpick bespoke pieces for hotel interior design HDBs, there are some things you can do.

First, avoid sets. A matching set of bedside tables, beds and cupboards require no taste and preference at all. The effect is tacky and boring.

Instead, mix and match. Taking a leap of faith will reward you with a well-curated home that reflects your personality and style. To do so, mix the types of materials in a space. For example, place a metal lampshade atop a wooden bedside table. Consider adding a Himalayan rock salt lamp on the table for an added layer of texture and colour.

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