Katerina Goodwill – Creativity and Passion for Innovation

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Katerina Goodwill

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Katerina Goodwill and her Creativity and Passion for Innovation

Katerina Goodwill is a top and highly promising Russian Interior Designer. Over the years she has conquered a strong space within the Russian Interior Design Industry with her own Design Studio: The Goodwill Design Studio.

Insplosion presents you in this article with some of the most amazing and outstanding interior design projects created by Katerina Goodwill.

Creativity and Passion for Innovation

She is a lover of lighting design and fine craftsmanship inspirations. In her projects, she uses a lot of hand-made modern furniture created by local craftsmen. Katerina believes that classical carving and painting are probably the most powerful craftsmanship arts around. This is why she values them most in her luxury interior designs.

Katerina Goodwill and her Creativity and Passion for Innovation

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In her design studio, Katerina works with an extremely professional team that helps her generate some stunning contemporary interior design projects. The whole team must obey the exclusive characteristic of design originality. This love for creativity and her passion for innovation are clearly a part of her design trait.

Creativity and Passion for Innovation

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During any design process, the top interior designer loves to use that creative passion to help others with fewer means to fulfill their artistic vision. By doing that, she accomplishes to deliver top service and fulfill one of her greatest talents.

Katerina Goodwill and her Creativity and Passion for Innovation

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