This Themed Furniture Collection Will Upgrade any Kids Bedroom Decor

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This Themed Furniture Collection Will Upgrade any Kids Bedroom Decor

Portuguese brand Circu Showcases Air Balloon themed furniture collection on a unique kids bedroom decor project.

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to find fun but elegant ideas for a kids bedroom decor, yet the Portuguese luxury brand Circu never stops surprising us with its innovative thinking and fast-forward design for children. The brand recently shared this unique themed bedroom design which was inspired by the classic tale of Phileas Fogg to present its newest furniture collection, and to be honest we couldn’t help but share.


This Themed Furniture Collection Will Upgrade any Kids Bedroom Decor

For this kids bedroom design, Circu opt to use its unique Air Balloon Bed, made from Wood and Synthetic Leather and a glossy gold leaf finish, to accompany any little or big adventure in the sky. The item also features appropriate amount of storage thanks to several drawers that are placed on its base, helping to keep the room organized.

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The overall design of this piece becomes an indispensable component for the creation of this themed bedroom decor, where a white and gold color pallet makes it suitable for whether girls or boys.

To follow the creative concept of the room, fluffy Cloud-shaped lamps were placed on the bedroom’s ceiling making any little kid’s dream come true. These adorable lighting designs are made in PVC and cotton, and feature an interactive light and sound system which can be controlled by a remote. Perfect for sunny and stormy days.

To add a little bit more storage to the kids bedroom design the brand introduced the new Fantasy Air Drawers, which were inspired by the Disney movie “UP”. There’s a 3 and 6-drawer version of these items, each one made in wood metal and synthetic leather. The standard finish is lacquered in glossy grey, nickel finishing and white leather strips.

To complete the look a comfortable Cloud Rug was placed underneath.




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