LIVING IN INTERIORS was established in 1992 by Mr. Ashraf El Tanani and is renowned for its unparalleled commitment to delivering the finest quality interiors & exteriors through its four major divisions: Design, Contracting, Retail, and Maintenance.

They are an independent company with no sub-contractors, having their own carpentry and joinery factory, AR-CO Wood Industries, to provide a comprehensive and customized service to their clients.

They Always strive to deliver solutions that are both harmonious to their environment as well as suiting their client’s needs and aspirations, be it for Residential, Commercial, or Public Spaces.

LIVING IN INTERIORS Design division is headed by its co-founder Alia El Tanini, who personally led the interior design stage making it among her main tasks to prominently display the important art collection of the homeowners without compromising comfort and sourcing complimenting pieces to perfect a luxurious home.

Statues of ancient cultures, pop & street art, patterned textiles, and bright colors for walls and upholstery found their match for a very unique and unexpected interior. The outcome, an eclectic space that reflects the owner’s taste, love for art, color, and passion for detail, and ultimately makes all members of the family feel at home.

LIVING IN INTERIORS celebrates two decades and two generations in a family business of design, contracting, manufacturing, and retail committed to offering an exceptional portfolio of premium brands and outstanding art & antiques, creative, contemporary, and visionary design house.

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