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How she is started?

Surprisingly Celia Sawyer’s career firstly started in Photography business. First of all, photography was something Celia loved since she was a young girl. After a while, she was refurbishing property she bought and it came up to be such a great project that people seeing it. That’s how Celia Sawyer built her clientele and until now it is lasting for 20 years already!

London designer Celia Sawyer project, Luxury Residence at the Bishop's Avenue, London
Luxury Residence by Celia Sawyer

Where she is now?

Now, Celia Sawyer – worldwide known Interior Designer with her own company, entrepreneur, and iconic woman. Winner of countless awards, such as:

  • Woman of the Year 2013
  • Top 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs
  • Top 250 Most Powerful Women Leaders.

Nature inspires me the most, I love looking at the way the grass blows in the wind, for instance, and the shadows it creates in the sun, which inspires me to look for a beautiful silk rug or create striking pools of light in my design.

London designer Celia Sawyer project, Special Edition Airbus Helicopter
Special Edition Airbus Helicopter

Airbus Helicopter design project

Celia Sawyer worked with Royalties, was invited to do the project of a new helicopter of President Trump or small commercial projects. Besides that, Celia Sawyer became one of the dealers of the British TV show ‘Four Rooms’ which propelled her into the limelight.

I must say I was a bit wooden at first in front of the camera, however, I soon became much more relaxed and started to enjoy the experience.

As a result, you can hear about this project from designer lips in her own Youtube channel video!

Project in the United Arab Emirates

One of her modern interior design projects is a stunning home in the United Arab Emirates. Located in the amazing view of Dubai’s landscapes, this apartment is designed for a high caliber VIP. Perfectly mixed black and golds matching to the expected Dubai interior design demands.

London designer Celia Sawyer project, Private Residence in UAE 
Private Residence in UAE

London designer Celia Sawyer project, Private Residence in UAE 

More projects

London designer Celia Sawyer project, Central London Georgian House 
Central London Georgian House  | Hallway

London designer Celia Sawyer project, Central London Georgian House Central London Georgian House  | Master Bedroom

Office Ideas

Today, her company designs luxury residential homes, superyachts, aviation, commercial properties and projects in the leisure industry worldwide. They are always giving plenty of attention to details, especially when picking the different pieces of furniture.

If you liked her interior design style, here are more ideas by Insplosion!

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