Luxury Bathroom with Minimal Style


Luxury Bathroom with Minimal Style:  To make your day easier, keep it simple, a project by MoreDe Studio makes you feel comfortable. The lights and lines are perfectly balanced, this project is what a luxury bathroom shoul be because it proves thats it`s possible mix the comfort and cozy lines with luxury!

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Discover the Luxury Bathroom With Minimal Style




Imagine have in your home a bathroom like this one where you can have comfort, cozy mood and functionallity at the same time, this is what a luxury batharom with minimal style should be!



Build a Luxury Bathromm with Minimal Style

Luxury & Style






Neil Wall is the ideal piece of retro lighting design you’ve been looking for.  Fantastic homage to retro-style designs with a modern twist. Its elegance and fluidity of shape fit perfectly into a modern home design or a hospitality design project.




This Washbasinis inspired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and resembles a central mausoleum structure, fusing contemporary chic urban attitude with classic sober lines. The black lacquered wooden structure and feet are finished with a high gloss black varnish.







The Diamond Big Mirror its full-length diamond-shaped mirror will add a luxurious and rich element to any interior design. Its polished brass structure creates a tall sleek design, combining geometry and design in the same object.


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