Luxury Bathtubs For The Perfect Home Spa

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Are you looking for a unique, high-end bathtub? Luxury bathtubs are the perfect item for turning your bathroom into something of a true home spa, a comfortable and beautiful place you can truly relax in. But luxury bathrooms come in many different styles and picking the perfect bathtub is no easy task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best luxury bathrooms for the perfect home spa!

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Diamond Bathtub – Maison Valentina


Are you looking for something bold and modern? If so, the Diamond Bathtub is exactly what you’re looking for. Inspired by the shape of the precious gem, this utterly conceptual piece manages to be both creative and refined. Besides, despite its irregular shape, the built-in oval tub will provide a comfortable and relaxing soak.

Regency Bathtub – Cheviot Products


But there are also classic options for luxury lovers. This beautiful white porcelain bathtub by Cheviot wouldn’t look out of place in a palace. Indeed, the amazing lion feet add a truly sophisticated touch to an otherwise simple and even old-fashioned design.

Vascamisura – Falper

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So, back to the contemporary design. This almost Japanese-style bathtub is minimalist, elegant, and the perfect understated addition to any luxury bathroom. Indeed, the utter serenity transmitted by this bathroom makes it the perfect piece to help turn your bathroom into a home spa.

Symphony Bathtub – Maison Valentina


Then, somewhere between classic and contemporary, we have the gorgeous Symphony tub. It’s part of a jazz-inspired collection, almost reminiscent of a musical instrument. If you’re looking for an original design, this is definitely the right pick. Furthermore, the gold-plated brass and white fiberglass are of truly amazing quality.

Petra Bathtub – Maison Valentina


Back to the classics. This bathtub design is actually inspired by the ancient city of Petra, where the buildings were carved directly into the stone cliffs. Indeed, the design is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect piece to add an interesting flair to your bathroom/home space, while still paying homage to the classics.

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