Luxury Hospitality Design at it’s Best: Hirsch Bedner Associates

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Commanding the luxury hospitality interior design market, Hirsch Bedner Associates – HBA – stands out from others. When it comes to reaching the exquisite ways of a true excellence experience, this is the one you need to contact and for sure, have a stay in one of their incredible interior designs!

Luxury Hospitality Design at it's Best: Hirsch Bedner Associates

An international presence in the world of design, HBA provides a luxury hospitality ride like no other. A clear experience in the world of design, innovation, and outstanding attention to detail and to the customer are just some of the unique features.

Luxury Hospitality Design at it's Best: Hirsch Bedner Associates

Designing hospitality interiors like no other, HBA distinguishes itself for blending spaces, trends, and always the luxury factor in any interior design project. Trespassing the beauty and the charm, here presented is Hilton Wenchang – an urban hotel that blends beautifully all the key ingredients for a wonderful and stunning space.

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.Luxury Hospitality Design at it's Best: Hirsch Bedner Associates

Always taking the magic and charm of the place where the design project is located, historical elements and art are always considered in the world of HBA. The Grand Mansion is a prime example of that. Inspired by the historic Presidential Palace and Oriental Metropolitan Museum, according to HBA itself tell the story of – “a well-seasoned traveler who returns home to display their artifacts and heirlooms in an intimate and warm space.”

A leading brand in the world of design, luxury hospitality means approachability as well. Hand in hand, just as this 5-Star JW Marriott Hotel Macau includes some of the best of both worlds – luxury, stunning craftsmanship, and an iconic presence in the world. Always looking for what’s ahead, this stunning hospitality project counts with calming hues and golden accents.

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