4 maximalist interior design ideas for a luxurious home

Maximalist Interior Design Ideas for a Luxurious Home

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We’ll just come right out and say it: maximalist interior design is seriously underrated. Sure, we love minimalism as much as the next person, but there’s something enchanting about good maximalist interiors that’s often neglected when furnishing a luxury home.

So, what is maximalist interior design?

With maximalist interiors, more is more. This style is not about sparse, sedated rooms with a few statement pieces. It’s about putting as much of the owner’s personality into a single room as possible. Think favorite colors, favorite pieces, favorite accessories. It’s bolder, more comfortable, interesting and vibrant than ordinary design. And isn’t that the height of luxury?

There is, however, a very fine line between opulence and gaudiness. So how do you rock maximalism in a luxurious home design without turning it into an ugly mess? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few inspirations for you.

4 maximalist interior design ideas for a luxurious home

Maximalist Office Design featuring BRABBU

This imposing office design proves that you can have personality as well as style. The amazing Baraka Desk might be the center of the decor, but it certainly doesn’t finish there. Notice the detail of the books, which are a must-have in any maximalist room, as well as the golden engravings and the beautiful PullCast hardware.

Luxury Brands

4 maximalist interior design ideas for a luxurious home

Stylish, Decadent Bedroom by Covet House

This bedroom might be a little darker than most maximalist designs, but don’t let the shades deceive you. This luxury interior has all the clashing patterns, confortable excess and fantasy elements of any good maximalist design. You don’t need to be a child to want a room that takes you to faraway lands.

4 maximalist interior design ideas for a luxurious home

Chic Bar by Covet House

Another example that maximalism can be chic. This maximalist environment features some mid-century pieces by Essential Home. The clashing patterns are discrete, but they add just as much personality as they would if they were pastel toned. This is one bar we would love to spend out evenings in!

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