BRABBU Furniture: Unique Experience for Any Interior Design

Speaking of dream interior decor, we all understand, a room has to be unique. But how do you make it perfect? Today, Insplosion wants you to meet one perfect brand for this – BRABBU. Featured in top magazines such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Nuevo Estilo, and much more.

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Besides, this unique brand creates interiors with personality. Giving all possibilities to find that perfect match. If you are an interior designer [discover her best interior designers] or just feel passionate about gorgeous exclusive designs. Therefore, Brabbu furniture comes from Portugal not only with the story behind each product but also with antique craft making it. After all, BRABBU Furniture is a unique experience for any interior design.

If you’re curious about learning more about it, read further and join the journey knowing room by room and style by style with BRABBU furniture.


BRABBU Furniture

With BRABBU you will get more than just a design piece. You will get a diversity of spaces filled with memories and unique sensations. Likewise, in perfect harmony with your spaces and your personality. That is why they are among the first picks for the most remarkable high-end residential and hospitality projects around the world.


BRABBU is present at the world’s most renowned design events with new versatile designs. Therefore, for eclectic ambiances that anticipate upcoming trends.


Top Furniture Selection by Insplosion

Check out our selection from Brabbu design by each furniture category. SHOP FOR IT HERE!


Agra Console is the modest setting of one of the most famous monuments in the world, Taj Mahal, also known as the marble mausoleum. Just like it, AGRA Console Table is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance. Made of Estremoz marble with brass details, this foyer table will add refined grace to any room of your choice.




With origins in France, the House of Bourbon was a dynasty known for its class and splendor. BOURBON Sofa embodies this grandeur through its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet, and a base in matte aged brass. This velvet sofa makes up any refined ambiance.



AMIK Table lamp

Ojibwe is an indigenous language spoken by Canadian Natives and is rich in exquisite terms. Like amik, the word for beaver. AMIK Table Light reminds of a lacquered piece of wood scooped by beaver teeth. This unique accent lamp fits perfectly as a bedside table light or as living room lighting.


BRABBU Furniture for any Room

The brand believes that interior decór inspiration comes from everywhere. Likewise, sometimes it’s good to see a full project or specific details, suggestions by experts to understand what suits you best.


As a matter of fact, BRABBU created a serious of interior design ideas by any room of the house. Here, find all the divisions of a house, and also contract projects, and get inspiration from precisely created ambiances.


Bedrooms are the most common space in a home, thus it has to be functional for a different range of people every single day.


BRABBU Style for any taste

BRABBU reflects an intense way of living: bringing fierceness, strength, and power into an urban lifestyle. Also, with a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting, and rugs, and sensory design.

Moreover, this brand passes on a unique experience in every piece designed and produced. Likewise, furniture with a story worth telling. Told by amazing designers and craftsmen, always striving for the highest quality and the best of techniques.



Add refined elegance to any living area of your house or project with BRABBU. Enjoy the video by BRABBU Design Forces – An Intense Way of Living. Visit BRABBU

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