This year, have you been to iSaloni? If you skipped this edition, we are here to remind you of the best highlights of Salone del Mobile, among which we have seen the brand STUA! Earlier this month, the Spanish brand has presented its new collection and various products, focusing in highlighting the STUA philosophy through the design pieces and their specific characteristics: the result has been a representation of a timeless design, capable of bringing elegance and refinement in an unaffected way. Aren’t you curious to know more about the brand STUA? Keep reading!


The Spanish brand STUA has been founded in 1983 by Jesus Garcia, who has led a family-run business ever since. The strong design, the customer-oriented approach, and the quality craftsmanship have made this small company a landmark in the international interior design world: since the start, the founder believed in a global vision, not only oriented to the national market. Naturally, the philosophy behind the brand STUA has been game-changer for the company: designers Jesus Gasca, Jon Gasca, and Josep Mora have been focused on creating a contemporary line of products, recognizable for their long-lasting forms and timeless design.

The original creations and the innovative work behind it expose the high level of craftsmanship and engineering knowledge: the brand STUA’s collection are versatile and adaptable for both residential and commercial settings. The classic modern design – created to provide quality and effortless products – express the idea behind the brand: as Jon Gasca said “Modern design is open-minded, relaxed, unpretentious and human” and that’s the concept behind STUA.


The new Costura corner – presented at iSaloni – expresses the expertise behind the design piece with obvious reference to the tradition of tailoring, strictly connected to design. The will to rediscover the artisan world and to create an ageless and comfortable design piece has produced a contemporary sofa collection, in which endless configurations are possible.


The sofa-table collection, famous for its contemporary lines, displays the comfort-oriented approach behind the design process: durability and sustainability have always been the crucial points behind the brand STUA’s work.


A classic and iconic piece among brand STUA’s collections, the Nube Armchair manages to highlight its contemporary style, in which flat and curvy lines – resembling the curves of the human body – create a comfortable nest. The resulting visual effect is distinguishing: not only the open design allows to see all the armchair’s components, but also the chosen upholstery shows the contrasts of the sleek and timeless pieces through different colored combinations.

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