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Meet the brand Brokis Lighting

Gorgeous Chech Rebulican Lighting brand which creates unique and creative lighting designs. Either ceiling, wall, floor or table lamps, Brokis Lighting evokes elegance and impact in any of its designs.

Memory Collection by Brokis

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The Memory Collection by Brokis is an innovation that evokes imagination put into the design. Therefore, available in different sizes and colours, these lighting designs are to be very versatile. Moreover, the design is inspired by the idea and shape of a balloon filled with air, even with its string dangling from it, a string which serves as the switch for turning lights on or off. Additionally, it can be used alone or in sets, in different sizes and available between wall and ceiling lights.

Shadows Collection

Shadows Collections Lights by Brokis

Shadows Collections Lights by Brokis

Brokis Shadows Collection is one of the most iconic by the brand. Likewise, a combination of several crafted features from the handblown glass design to the handcrafted wood and translucent colours. Thus, a collection of suspension lights, each one can be used alone or in sets of lamps. Therefore, it is available in several colours and different finishes.

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Ballons Collection

Balloons Large Collection by Brokis Lighting

Therefore, the Balloons Large Collection by Brokis Lighting is a collection of rudimental shapes inspired by the design of a hot air balloon. For example, with its large handblown glass design and a metallic reflector within the glass shape. Likewise, this is definitely a collection that provides a bold statement in any room it’s used in, either functioning with light or turned off. The collection is available in three sizes and a variety of colours for the metallic reflector.

Puro & Mona


Brokis Puro Collection consists of a set of pendant lights with minimalistic inspirations. Furthermore, design with clean lines, this design as several variations from vertical and horizontal tubes or single bell lights suspended beneath a vertical tube, to dual bell lights suspended beneath horizontal tubes. The glossy or matte finish of the tubes makes it adaptable to any room design. Brokis Mona Collection, is available in normal or large size, as a pendant or floor lamps, is another creative design collection. The design as several distinguishing features such as its shapes, the combination of materials and finishing on the different sets of LED lights sources which vary in its colour temperature.

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Knot Collection by Brokis

Knot Collection by Brokis

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Knot Collection by Brokis

Knot Collection by Brokis

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The Knot Collection by Brokis is yet another magnificent collection of pendant lights, combining coarse natural fibres with a Transparent blown glass. The collection consists of four globes with different shapes and sizes with robust cords that seem to pull the bottom of the glass inward for plastic effect. The collection is available in several colours.

Capsula Collection

Capsula Collection by Brokis

Capsula Collection by Brokis

Brokis Capsula Collection is an inspiration of plants, which is why its designs look like a plant cell or seed. Its design consists of a tubular triplex-glass LED light source also by Brokis, that goes through one to the other end of a glass design as a tube. With the different layers of different materials combined in one, the light on any room has a 3D effect.

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