Mid-Century Kitchen with Golden Details

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Mid-Century Kitchen with Golden Details: Today’s Insplosion will feature a fantastic kitchen with mid-century vibes.

The highlight here is the McCarey Bar Chair, with its round lines and golden body, which looks so stunning in every bar or American kitchen!

The grey and black tones perfectly match the suspension lighting pieces, which give this bar an incredible balance between colors and shades!


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A Mid-Century Kitchen

Brubeck Pendant


Luxury Brands

The Dave Brubeck pendant lamp, which was inspired by the American jazz pianist, is a wonderful illustration of how art deco style brilliantly combines with music. A functional handmade lighting design with a sculptural shape is the end result of this exceptional work.

Kelly Bar Chair

Essential Home


It’s a classic and iconic item that was inspired by the sculptured arches from the bar in the classic film Casablanca. It is meant to be durable and comfy in addition to being fashionable. The body is made entirely of polished brass, and it has a foot rail, a low back, and a seat covered in brown leather.


Brubeck Wall


With this Brubeck wall sconce lighting design, luxury and art deco go hand in hand. This opulent wall sconce is a conversation starter on its own. It was inspired by the pipe organ, a timeless musical instrument, and Dave Brubeck, one of jazz’s greatest exponents. It has a beautiful art deco gold-plated polish as a finishing touch.

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