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Mid-Century Modern Home Office

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For the Mid-Century Design Style, functionality is very important. However, by allying with modernism, the pieces will compose the environments in a more minimalist way. Most of our day is spent working. Therefore, our home office has to be as comfortable as possible. Office decor and furniture arrangement can affect performance and certainly work motivation. So Insplosion has gathered 10 inspirations from the Mid-Century Modern Home Office for you! Enjoy the reading!

It is very common for this style to combine modern staged pieces with vintage elements. In this case, this chair is a statement of classic and vintage vibes.

Mid-Cntury Modern Home Office


This contemporary design concept built by AB Concept has a few Mid-century details. The details start from the mix of materials like wood and steel.

Mid-Century Modern Home Office

Light and beautifully realized interior with a strong retro flavour but a contemporary layout and details.

Mid-Century Modern Home Office

Inspire By The Look: Dalyan Dining Chair

Dalyan Dining Chair

This velvet chair contrasts very well with the wooden and linear pieces in the back. As you can see, the mid-century style mixes traditional and non-traditional materials.


Shop The Look: Maya Armchair

Maya Armchair

The wooden frame on this malkie sofa is gorgeous and screams mid-century! In your opinion, how classic and elegant does this office look? 

Modern Home Office

Shop The Look: Koi Side Table

Koi Side Table

To match the interior and exterior, the mid-century color palette is rooted in nature. In this case, the green curtain matching the setting and also matching the black furniture is a must!


Shop The Look: Lasdun Desk

Lasdun Desk

Simple lines and pure shapes are what make this style iconic. This office is pure modernism and glamour with mid-century details.

Mid-Century Modern

Editor’s Choice: Charla Office Chair

Charla Small Office Chair

Some pieces in this home office are extremely elegant and bring a retro-modern vibe. This distinctly feminine and elegant home office is reminiscent of jungle trips and exotic places.

Modern Home Office

Shop The Look: Apotheosis Desk

Apotheosis Desk

Luxury Brands

Look how wonderful this blue velvet chair looks in this reading corner. Is normal that mid-century modern decor uses bright accent colors against primary neutral tones.

Home Office Ambience


Shop The Look: Niku Floor Lamp

Niku Floor Lamp


Coleman Floor Lamp is the mid-century modern lamp ideal to be next to any piece of modern 1950s furniture. For example, you can combine it next to your industrial office sofa or desk.

Mid-Century Modern Home Office

This Nordic light combines a mid-century design with a simple structure. Handcrafted in brass and white Carrara marble base, this lamp is incredible.

Mid-Century Modern Design

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