Modern Bathroom Ideas For a Trending Interior Design

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Modern Bathroom Ideas For a Trending Interior

If you’re struggling to find the right inspiration, today we selected a few modern bathroom ideas to help you out.

The bathroom is one of the spaces you will want to put more effort in. It’s where you end up being, when feeling stressed out or tired after a long day at work, and dealing with all the problems of the world. When decorating a new interior, keep that in consideration. The bathroom is not just about having a bathtub, a sink and a few towel racks anymore. Is about delivering experiences that entice positive feelings in your client’s life.

Usually when we think about a modern bathroom design we think about marble floors, sophisticated wall mirrors and a full white pallet with a few plants as decoration. It’s a safe combination and it literally works every time, but what if we could change it up a bit with a few more patterns and bold furniture designs?

Take a look at our selection of Modern Bathroom Ideas we believe to be the most suitable for today’s interior design trends and that at the same time, can make a huge impact in any project.

Modern Bathroom Ideas For a Trending Interior

Darker colors often create a more luxurious look in a bathroom design. In this project, a brick grey wall creates the perfect setting for a freestanding bathtub to shine. Place wood furnishings as decorative elements for a cozier and modern result.

Modern Bathroom Ideas For a Trending Interior

Use tiles more often. You might think it’s old fashioned, but these pieces can truly make any interior design pop. In this bathroom design for example, brown and golden tiles inhabit the flooring and a few other small spaces to create a dazzling look. Patterned wall coverings also add sophistication.

Modern Bathroom Ideas For a Trending Interior

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In this project by Maison Valentina luxury design is a decisive element. A patterned black wall covering gives an empowering touch to the space and at the same time serves as a base for a bold bathtub design. The combination of black and gold is always a fine choice, especially with lighting pendants like these.

Modern Bathroom Ideas For a Trending Interior

A rustic bathroom is very easy to pull off yet the result is fantastic. Metals like Copper occupy the center of the space while natural rocks and materials create a minimal and modern interior design. In this project wide windows enable an astonishing source of natural lighting that immediately lifts up the bathroom design.

If you’d like to find more bathroom ideas you can check out our Catalogs page or download the ebook down below.


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