Naimi Architecture Designs Barcelona Apartment Using Smart Furniture

Naimi Architecture Designs Tiny Barcelona Apartment Using Smart Furniture

Studio Naimi Architecture transformed a 25-square-meter flat in Barcelona using space-saving solutions that included creating multiple furniture systems.

Naimi Architecture studio is a design firm that specializes in a wide range of projects including residential architecture, urban planing and product design. In each one of them Naimi seeks the opportunity to create a flexible space, using geometry and shapes which best adapt to the local climate.

Guided by these principles the studio used smart furniture that combines a bed, wardrobe and a washing machine to save the space in a 25-square-meter flat in Barcelona. Their goal was to transform this tiny apartment into a comfortable home for one person, therefore the solution involved sinking storage areas into the walls and creating furniture systems that would be space-saving.

The bed not only is a multi-tiered platform with storage areas underneath but also a space-divider for the three-meter-wide space. These storage areas include a cupboard for the washing machine, a deep wardrobe, 11 drawers, and bedside tables with integrated power sockets.

According to the designers “Each side of the furniture refers to the other function attached it: a shelf for drinks or extra bench placed next to the dining table, or the stairs-drawers that lead to the bed and can also be used as seats, becoming part of the adjacent salon area. The multipurpose nature of these units allows the apartment’s spaces to grow when it is necessary.”

The original ceiling of the apartment was exposed and painted white in order to create cleanliness and a play of shadows. The red bricks were exposed in one of the two extended walls, as well as the wood window that was conserved, in order to preserve its local character feeling.

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The kitchen is divided in two different spaces, one is located inside of a closed enabling the sink and the stove invisible when needed, and the other was designed as a work surface with two nooks in the wall for hanging utensils.

Furnishings are kept simple to ensure the space isn’t overloaded. They include a two-person dining table, a small leather sofa and a slender coat stand.

Other details include hanging pendant lights, hexagonal floor tiles and an assortment of potted plants.

Source: Dezeen

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