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Nate Berkus: TOP 5 Best Design Projects

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Nate Berkus

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Designer Nate Berkus founded his award-winning interior design firm at the age of 24. Its approachable and elevated philosophy has transformed countless homes around the world. This work has been achieved through her design work, home collections, books, television shows, and media appearances. Since first appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2002, he has become one of the most recognized interior designers in the world. Let’s discover some of Nate Berku’s most amazing design projects!


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This quintessential West Village brownstone felt like home from the minute we saw it. Built-in 1899, the house is just 18 feet wide. Designing and furnishing it was a 180-degree challenge from the spacious house we left in Los Angeles. We brought a lot of texture and details to bring the house to life. From grasscloth wallpaper, antique cornices, and vintage light fixtures to plaster finishes and an oak bookcase. This double-height custom bookcase provides valuable storage and is also a much-talked-about centerpiece.



Nate Berkus


This apartment off the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood transformed from a futuristic 1960s time capsule into a chic pied-a-terre for our globe-trotting clients. Its spectacular view of the city features prominently in the seamless indoor/outdoor transition between the living room and patio, while clever and stylish storage solutions were incorporated throughout, inspired by a ship’s cabin. The “magical” design process achieved a timeless blend of periods and styles across the furnishings and finishes; the end result feels well-traveled, eclectic, and unique, just like our clients.

Inspire By The Look: Novak Sofa

novak sofa


Nate Berkus

This airy, sunny home was originally a Tudor home consisting of small, dark rooms built-in 1925. This is before the modern era of indoor and outdoor living that California is known for. Together with Jeremiah Brent’s Design, the interior walls were removed to create a more graceful area. This area replaced almost all doors and windows with iron and glass. The goal was to create a home that truly reflected the family that lived there – one that felt sophisticated, happy, and warm.

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Renovating this 1928 Spanish colonial home to become a family home meant bringing it back to its original palette. So he carefully restored the weathered finishes. For this he used old building materials, making the spaces functional for a modern family. There were antique French mantelpieces and Spanish marble floors, iron and glass doors, vintage lanterns, and unlacquered brass hardware. Almost all of our furniture and decorations collected over time have also found a home.

Inspire By The Look: Luray Side Table



Nate berkus

Our clients called us back when they purchased the full floor around their current condo, also designed by NBA. No corner here was left unconsidered as we planned distinct areas for entertaining and family. As Co-Design Director Sasha Adler puts it: “The second renovation gave us an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the finishes and architecture of the home and elevate them to the standards of their collection.”


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