New Orleans Design Trends

New Orleans Design Trends

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Interior Designer/Architects from New Orleans – Inspiration for your Interiors

New Orleans is a perfect encapsulation of their own style and maturity. This region holds one-of-a-kind projects and designers that hold their own.

This city has its own style of design that is distinct from any other American city. Its style is the result of the unique fusion of Caribbean, Spanish, English, African and French cultures. These influences give it a strong sense of place. Here neutrals and symmetry give way to vivid design, cheerful colors, and a new take on timeless classics.

Colors for everyone

In any neighborhood you go, colors dominate. Residents love to combine colors and shades that will surprise you! Colors tend to be vibrant rather than neutral, and accent colors are plentiful.

Decoration that never goes out of fashion

Older than most other cities in the country, New Orleans still retains a strong sense of its history. This spirit is reflected in the choice of eclectic elements for interior design and decoration. However, the style and decor of this city do not stick to a single period. It is common to find one piece of new art in line with a modern one. The trick to harmonizing the time periods is in finding other unifying element of design.

Perfect spaces

Time spent at home has been a major concern for homeowners to be able to have spaces for work, leisure, and decompress. Offices are now a must-have in many homes and designers are using forgotten corners of the house to turn it into a place to work. Outdoor spaces are great for unplugging and connecting with nature.

What to retain!

Editor’s Choice – Marco, Sofa

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