New York Architecture: Ovadia Design Group

Ovadia Design Group

Ovadia Design Group, an award-winning architectural interior design company specialized in high-end residential and commercial design.

A highly-creative and approachable talent company  with a wealth of experience working for top firms collectively around the nation.

Jack Ovadia, the director of the group have a diverse background gained through the course of an illustrious career was a stepping stone that allowed him to acquire a strong sense of what to bring to the companies clients.

He believe that beauty is found in all of the details: from choosing the perfect color pallet to highlighting the architecture of a room, every project and material is explored with the utmost precision.


Feel inspired by some of Ovadia Design Group projects:

Luxury Apartment

A private apartment located in New York City, decorated with very luxuous pieces that bring elegant details to any division presented a nude palette with some colorful notes.


Summer Modern

A summer modern apartment that brings some nature details  to the interior of te house that conveys a cool and calm environment.


Midwood Residence

A luxury residence that will let your mind blown with very elegant and soft details.


Mill Basin Mikvah

The mill basin mivah renovation and interior decoration underwent a complete transformation.


Private Estate

It is impossible to be indifferent to the interiors the design firm creates, timeless spaces and design inspirations that are meant to be lived, enjoyed and admired.


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