New York: Studio Giancarlo Valle

New York: Studio Giancarlo Valle is an International award-winning New York-based design company encompassing the worlds of architecture, interiors, and the decorative arts. With a holistic approach, the studio imagines projects that are refined, playful, studied, and unexpected – working with passionate clients to create indelible experiences.


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In 2019, Giancarlo made his debut into Architectural Digest’s prestigious AS100 list, celebrating the industry’s top global talents. The studio has been featured in The New York Times. The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Vogue, W magazine, and Christie’s magazine. Giancarlo has also been recognized in AD100 Franco.


The furniture collection has been presented at Collective Design Fair, Design Miami in 2018 with Atelier Courbet, and at Salone de mobile 2019,  with Rossana Orland, and is currently on view at their Tribeca showroom.


Giancarlo grew up in San Francisco, Chicago, Caracas, and Guatemala City, and received his Masters of Architecture from Princeton University. Stepping inside Giancarlo Valle’s Manhattan studio, one can feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland. A quick look around the Chinatown loft reveals a spellbinding cache of tiny furniture and homes—models for the AD100 designer’s impressive slate of current work.


A maquette for a West Village townhouse renovation shows an exquisite bathroom wrapped in end-grain oakwood. A rustic structure captures the country-home concept he is hatching with the Green River Project. And a cylindrical model hints at the daring powder room he’s creating for a ground-up Craftsman-style cottage in Carmel, California, his most significant commission to date.


“A house is a city, and a city is a house,” muses Valle, paraphrasing the Dutch Structuralist architect Aldo van Eyck. “I like the idea that there’s a scaleless-ness to the way we approach design.” In the spirit of legends like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe, Valle layers his spaces with sculptural, often sinuous furniture of his own design, realized versions of which fill his atelier.


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