Residential Project by Note Design Studio Celebrates Pastel Colors

Residential Project by Note Design Studio Celebrates Pastel Colors

Stockholm-based firm Note Design Studio renovates 19th century apartment with a tick layer of pastel colors and contemporary furniture.

Founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Note Design Studio works within a wide range of fields, including architecture, interior design, product design and graphic design. They value their surroundings and get inspired by everyday phenomenons to create non-material values into tactile objects and spaces.

For their newest project Hidden Tints the designers opt out to paint the building’s old characteristics such as worn wooden floors, stucco carpentry an old tiled ovens in tick layers of white color. The apartment, that was previously an office space of a Fashion brand without bathrooms, kitchen or storage, was transformed into a stunning home.

The 200-square-meter property was filled with 19th century splendor and was asked by the clients to be transformed into a family home, yet keeping the “over a century old” essence.

To do that the designers opt to create a color pallet based on some of the tones that were already in its interior design. Then they decided to apply these pastel hues to the walls, moldings, doors and window frames for a mid-century modern look.

Greens, pinks and a yellowish white make the base for the interior design project which they decided to call Hidden Tints.

The studio created a eight-tone pallet taking advantage of the building’s original color scale, some were even originated from the hidden traces of the apartment.

Some of the rooms are dominated by one color only, while others include an assortment of different tones. This concept is becoming a huge trend nowadays – opting for cozy and colorful interiors rather than a minimalist white and grey pallet.

The array of colors serves to emphasize the detailing of the apartment’s architecture. According to the designers, the approach to color in architecture needs to earn its place again in the society. And we couldn’t agree more.

The colors are complemented by the original but worn wooden floors, as well as newly added contemporary furniture pieces.

A bright yellow was selected for the kitchen and dining room area, that are located in the center of the apartment. There, a wooden table provides space for six people while a terrazzo island frame the kitchen in green and grey tones.

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