NuInfinity: Breaking Interior Design Barriers in Malaysia

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Besides being a beautiful country with a vibrant, diverse culture, Malaysia is also home to some seriously talented interior designers. Such is the case of NuInfinity! This creative, award-winning firm applies the values of humility and mindfulness to their work, yet they are no less luxurious. Their projects are a blend of functionality and beauty, but they never lack a soul. Indeed, many of their creations are deeply influenced by the local culture. Intrigued? Explore their work with Insplosion!

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Opulent 30


In fact, you can see this cultural influence all over the Opulent 30 Project. There is an influential and wealthy Chinese minority in Malaysia, and this interior is full of Chinese-inspired patterns and decor pieces. Indeed, from the jade tones of the bathroom door to the delicate patterns on the wall and bamboo benches, everything about this project is about taking Chinese culture and making it luxurious.

Furthermore, the common areas follow the exact same example. Just notice the delicate illustrations of fish on the wall, a classic eastern aesthetic element, as well as the silky, inviting armchairs. The living room goes for a more mid-century vibe but retains the eastern influences through the use of precise, geometrically patterned bars on the window.

Mon Cheri


However, if you want a more contemporary interior, you can’t go wrong with the Mon Cheri. Moreover, notice how the choice of a grey color palette and of utterly contemporary designs for the sofas takes nothing away from this place’s unique identity. The use of marble and the patterns on the pillows still invoke some eastern influences, and the pictures and books on the shelves and desk make this a very personal space.

Office Ideas

Indeed, just admire the uncluttered way the personal items are arranged on the living room shelf. It’s a truly personal interior, a strong contrast to the darker, more daring design of the dining room. We also emphasize the amazing piece of table decor, which is an almost contemporary version of a Faberge egg.

Break of Dawn


Finally, we have the Breaker of Dawn. This beautiful home renovation in Selangor goes in a contemporary direction once again. Yet, there are distinct details that make this project stand apart from the previous one. Indeed, one of the most amazing things it manages to pull off is to bring style into what is still very clearly a family home. Notice how the beautiful black bear waving from the image matches both the black of the wood and of the details on the rug.

Yet, we also couldn’t help mentioning the amazing bedroom and bathroom designs. The earth tones of the bedroom are absolutely gorgeous, perfect for encouraging a good night’s sleep. The bathroom, however, bets on hexagonal patterns and dark shades against a white backdrop to create an impression of perfect harmony.

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