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Have you ever thought about how many hours did you spend at work? It’s a lot! And if you have an office job, surely you will sit most of your day in front of a desk. Why don’t you create a cozy and pleasurable atmosphere starting from your office décor? It may be the best solution for a more productive day! Let OFFICE DECOR TOP 5 IDEAS inspire you in finding the best way to upgrade your office space – don’t forget about style, of course – your boss will be so thankful! Let’s begin.


natural light in a conference room in office top trends

The best advice from our OFFICE DECOR TOP 5 IDEAS? Natural light! The greatest way to recreate a healthy and stress-free environment is to use the natural light: big windows or glass walls are the best solution to let some sunlight in (don’t forget blinds unless you want to use sunglasses!). This solution will boost the general morale, for sure!


greenery in a office in office top trends

Concrete is usually the most used element in modern cities and plants and green spaces are becoming scarcer every day. It can’t be a bad idea to reintroduce some greenery into the office décor. Being englobed in a fresh and vital setting will revitalize the surrounding office space. If you play your cards right not only plants will help with humidity and air cleaning, but also a green wall decoration will be a stunning surprise for any visitors. Try it out!

hanging plants in a office in office top trends


dynamic office in office top trends

Who decided that office spaces should be old and boring? Nowadays, it’s really efficient to have dynamic places – sometimes even unconventional ones – to manage the space and the employees’ drive. Old meeting rooms, made of big chairs and screens, are a thing of the past. Don’t be afraid to change the office setting to make the work experience more interactive: lounging on the floor with lots of pillows or unusual wall dividers might be the best way to increase flexibility and interaction between co-workers. The employee’s wellbeing will be the focal point, and everybody will be thankful.

dynamic office space in office top trends


artful decorations in a office in office top trends

This office decor idea  is really a game-changing one! Bringing artful objects, images or decorations in the office might be the help you were looking for to increase the office’s inspiration and motivation. Especially if the atmosphere lacks some vibrant colors or unusual accents, well-placed decorations or accessory – not too distracting, people still need to focus! – are the new inspiring tool. Enjoy!

office graffiti in office top trends


colorful office in office top trends

Luxury Brands

Aren’t you tired of the old and usual blanks walls and monochromatic desks that have taken residence of the office from ancient times? The new trends are all about adding a splash a color: stay away from the cooler shades – if that’s your case maybe it’s time to change a bit – and go forth with bold and colorful tones that can really boost the office life. You are welcome!

colorful office in office top trends

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