Orlando Soria: Get Inspired By This Famous Interior Designer

Orlando Soria: Get Inspired By This Famous Interior Designer

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Fresh, eclectic, and fun. The work of celebrity Interior Designer Orlando Soria is what California is all about. Indeed, Soria is the perfect example of an artist whose massive personality complements his work. His eclectic interiors will certainly inspire you to start your next project. That’s why we’re sharing the top bedroom, living room, and dining room designs in Orlando’s portfolio. Let’s get inspired!

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Who is Orlando Soria?

Picture © OS

Before we go any further, you might want to get to know a bit more about Orlando. As we mentioned, this interior designer is a California native through and through. After an early career as a music publisher, he finally decided to pursue his major passion for interior design.

His television career began when he was hired as Emily Henderson’s assistant on the “Secrets from a Stylist” tv show. Since, then, Orlando has written a book, created a blog, and even filmed two seasons of his own tv show “Build me Up”.


Orlando Soria: Get Inspired By This Famous Interior Designer
Delicate Bedroom © OS

The retro design of this mid-century bed is the highlight of this delicate interior for a Californian home. Though we wouldn’t call it maximalist, this bedroom is just as personal as the best of maximalist interiors. There’s a combination of pastel shades, unique prints, and books for a cozy and feminine space.

Notice how these two bedroom corners both use white as the background color, but vary slightly in the details. While light-filled, white interiors are a major feature of West Coast Interior Design, the first one is rather more eclectic. In contrast, the second bedroom is almost minimalist, with only the mid-century table lamp and the organic rug to give it some personal charm.

Living Rooms

Orlando Soria: Get Inspired By This Famous Interior Designer
Modish Living Room © OS

This modish living room is one of the true stars of Orlando’s Portfolio. The combination of exuberant, mid-century pieces, and small, personal pieces of decor creates a deeply personal and creative space. Also, notice the focus on geometric shapes and the concern of combining the pillow patterns with the artwork.

These two other living room ideas are just as modern and eclectic. You’ve got pops of color and shape in a luminous white background, and each room is truly unique.

Dining Rooms

Orlando Soria: Get Inspired By This Famous Interior Designer

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Finally, we would like to show you some of Orlando’s dining rooms. This first project is rather reminiscent of what we’ve seen in his living room decor. Bold lighting and unique art in luminous white interiors. It’s the Orlando Soria trademark!

Indeed, even these two last gorgeous dining rooms follow that pattern. Yet, both of them do something that the first one didn’t. Through the chair, window and cabinet designs, they bring a little bit of rustic energy into an utterly modern design.

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