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Outstanding Interior Project: today’s inspiration post is about a stunning interior project in which the piano takes center stage, but the decor is one of the best things you’ve ever seen in your entire life! Notheless, every piece of this project bu Studia-54 is a masterpiece, an authentic anthem to designing artwork!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Outsatnding Interior Project


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Waterfall Rectangular Suspension Lamp



Under the classy Waterfall Rectangular Suspension Lamp, everything glows. Simultaneously, this work of art crafted from gold-plated brass and ribbed, ribbed fine tubes crafted from ribbed, ribbed fine tubes crafted from ribbed, ribbed fine tubes crafted from ribbed, corrugated .


Cyrus Wall Lamp


Luxury Brands

This gorgeous wall lamp provides a warm golden glow, bringing a twist to any modern interior design. Specifically, the name Cyrus is derived from the Persian ruler who overthrew Babylonia, and it was inspired by the freedom and extensive culture of the Persian civilisation.

Newton Console

Boca do Lobo

Each component is joined one by one to create an exceptional pattern and organic structure. Nevertheless, which is then finished in a striking black lacquer with gold-plated accents.
This console table’s top is made of brass circles with a golden texture that resembles the grain of natural wood. Thus, this modern console that successfully progresses into the future while preserving cultural tradition, staying in front of the design scene


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